Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An Early Christmas

This past Sunday Adam and I went out to his parent's house to celebrate Christmas with his family. His parents surprised me with a David Yurman Cable bracelet.. I was shocked! They are the best :)

Last night I talked Adam into giving me my present from him early. I already knew what it was and the anticipation was killing me! Love my Revas!!

Today at work we had our white elephant gift exchange. Last year my present was an old family picture of me, my parents, and my brother (think church bulletin). My dad is their boss so everyone thought it was hilarious. The rules were that whoever recieved the picture had to hang it in their office for the rest of the year and then bring it back to the white elephant gift exchange this year. 

I recieved a lovely zebra neck rest ;)

Tomorrow Jessica and I are going to lunch and exchanging gifts. Then hopefully I can wait until Christmas Eve to open any more ;)

I hope everyone is enjoying Christmas WEEK with their loved ones :)


  1. I love when Christmas gifts come early! I {may} have torn into my new watch that arrived today and I {may} be getting it sized tomorrow even though it's not technically Christmas...details! Love your gifts, so cute!

  2. What a fun post! I love me some White Elephant gifts...so hilarious! Merry Christmas to YOU!

  3. love your early Christmas presents! Tory is my favorite!