Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A grade, a baby, and a baptism!

Ok y'all I just have to vent for just a second. Last night I went to check one of my grades and was fully expecting an A.. but what I saw was so insane that I still can't fully wrap my mind around it...

An 89.5 B??? I seriously had a heart attack. I honestly don't care that it's a B.. but an 89.5???? I emailed my professor and pleaded my case as to why he should round it a mere .1 point so that I would get an A in the class. I gave him 24 hours and just sent another e-mail because he still hasn't responded. I'm usually not this crazy about grades but it's just SO close... :/ THIS.WILL.HAUNT.ME!

Sorry, rant over. 

*Update on grade: Professor never emailed me back BUT when I checked my final grades today I had all A's*

On to much more important things :)

Some random pictures I never blogged of my cute niece :)

And my BFF got baptized this past weekend! Be sure to check out my post Friday on Fearless for a full recap of the day.. let's just say you'll be blown away by her testimony video!!!

That's all I've got friends! 

XO, Jamie


  1. that's absolutely ridiculous about the 89.5. I've had a professor do that to me before and I was SO ill. Hopefully he'll email you back soon and Change it!! dang. Christmas spirit buddy ;)

  2. That teacher better change your grade! SERIOUSLY.

  3. That is crazy that he gave you a B. When I was in college if your grade is anything .5 it is always rounded up. Glad you got all A's!! :)

  4. Glad to hear you got all As! That would have bothered me too!

    So happy for Jessica :)

  5. i've been a reader of your blog for awhile. i would have been SO MAD at that professor for that grade. hopefully it gets changed!! :)

    you have received a versatile blogger award :)