Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Babies, bookbags, and a bunch of STUFF!

This past weekend I helped host a baby shower for my cousin, Lindsey, who is due with twin girls in March!! Twins run in our funny so we are all very excited for the next generation. Listen to how intense it is.. every generation, as far back as we know, has had twins.. they are always fraternal.. and the sex is always determined by who is the "link" to the family, so if I were to have twins I would have girls, but if my brother were to have twins he would have boys. So we pretty much knew Lindsey was having girls from the second she found out she was pregnant with twins. Her husband already had 2 boys when they got married so now she is 25 and about to have 4 kiddos : ) haha bless her heart, right?? We can't wait for Ava and Lila to get here!!

Carolyne-Grace has been so much fun lately.. she will be 18 months old next week and this is just such a fun age! Some of her favorite things right now are sunglasses and getting her hair and "makeup" done. My mom and I got her these "sunnies" (as she calls them) from Gymboree last week and she has been wearing them ever since! (she wore them the entire baby shower lol) Everytime I put "makeup" on her this is the face she makes to show it off, I wish you could see her eyes because she closes them super tight.. I'll have to try and get a video of it next time I see her! Love my little diva niece.

Carolyne-Grace starts "school" next week so she got a Vera Bradley book bag just like Aunt Jamie's ;) She thought she was cool stuff matching her "Mamie"

After the shower I decided to move all my stuff back to my apartment. I have been home-home since Thanksgiving so you can imagine the amount of STUFF I had to take back. This is just SOME of my stuff thrown in my floor when I got to my apartment. YIKES. This semester is bitter sweet. I have lived with McKinley for the last three years and Katie for the last two, but we will all be going our seperate ways come May.. Katie is getting married in June, McKinley will only have student teaching left, and I am moving home to finish up my last semeseter and student teaching. There will definitely be an abnormal amount of roomie dinners at buffalos/chick-fil-a followed by random trips to Target to buy things we don't need. I'M GOING TO MISS THIS!!

And random.. but this week last year me and the roomies were snowed in for 6 days, the whole first week of school was canceled, and this week it is 60* ..typical bi-polar Georgia weather!



  1. oh my gosh i hear ya, i'm NOT looking forward to moving all of my stuff back to school, i plan on taking one load down tomorrow and then finish up stuff this weekend. i hattttteeee unpacking and hanging up my clothes so im dreading it.

    how neat about the twins in your family, that is crazy that you can tell the gender and everything. i'm a twin and we have twin cousins but i don't know of any other twins in my family!

  2. CG is looking mighty cute in those shades :) !! And the shower decor looked fab, you did a great job !