Friday, January 27, 2012

The Color Run

Have y'all heard of The Color Run??

I am soooo excited that I will be running in this race with Jessica and a few other girls in March!

Our team name is Girls Gone Colorful ; )

It sounds like so much fun and I cannot wait!

Happy Friday, hope y'all enjoy your weekend!!


  1. I think that is such an AWESOME thing! I'm wanting to do the one in Nashville later this amazing is that? Can't wait to try this!!!

  2. I'm so excited about it!! We're putting together a team with moms and daughters! It's going to be a blast. AND did you know there's a blogger meet up at it?

  3. I just heard about that race and was thinking about signing up! I love your team name!

  4. There is a Hindu festival called Holi Krishna, nicknamed "The Festival of Colors" to celebrate the coming of Spring and you throw colored powder just like in this video! I went to the festival for some cultural fun with some friends the past couple years (in Utah) and I'm almost positive the part where they count down is from that, and possibly even from the one I went to because it's the largest one! (Here's proof: :) You'll have a blast on that run!

  5. I want to do this...I read somewhere that there is a blogger meetup before or after this race. DO you know anything about that??

  6. Can I please come for this?? When is it???