Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rise up!

Day 1 of Passion: Complete!

Y'all, I had NO IDEA just how amazing this experience as going to be, but let me just tell y'all, I have been BLOWN away by everything today.

We started our morning out looking for breakfast. If you know much about Atlanta you know that finding a fast food restaurant downtown is about impossible. So after driving around for an hour looking for breakfast we ended up at a gas station eating pop tarts.. I was all worked up about us getting lost & having to settle for a pop tart but luckily my first day at Passion has made that seem ridiculous.

We got to Passion early so we could get some lunch and watch the Georgia game (which btw was awful..)

Once we finished lunch we went and checked in. We were informed that we couldn't bring our "big" cameras in so we headed back out to the car to put them away. While we were there Jess realized she had a pocket knife...

(side note: if you are ever thinking about wearing TB Revas when you are walking MILES across Atlanta...don't. My feet are tore up. Not to mention it was FREEZING today)

We went back to the Dome and got in line to go in. We had to wait about 45 mins for the doors to open. Once they did we filed in and found ourselves on the field super close to the stage. Lucky us!

The opening music was incredible. They introduced a few new songs as well as sang some old Passion songs. I can not wait for y'all to hear the new Passion songs. From what we've hear so far I know they're all going to be amazing.

Louie talked tonight and it was awesome as usual. I won't get into exactly what he talked about because I want to do a post about it once I'm back home.

After the main session we went to community groups. Once we were in comm groups we divided into smaller "family groups." There are 8 of the most unlikely people in my group and I LOVE it. We have people from all over the country as well as someone from Thailand. I am just blown away by how great God is, that I would be faced to face with total strangers from around the country praising His name.

After comm groups we got to go back to the dome for David Crowder Bands FINAL concert!! It was bitter sweet. They are an amazing bad, and I am so las I got to witness their final show, but I will miss them !!

I can't even begin to describe the experience it is to be with over 40,000 college students praising, worshiping, and learning about Jesus. We have literally taken over the streets of Atlanta.

It's time for our generation to rise up and love Jesus!

Now we are back home ready to get about 5 hours asleep before we are up and at it again :)


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  1. I am so excited for y'all, but so jealous of y'all, too! WIsh I was there with y'all...I've always wanted to go to Passion, but really have just never gotten a chance--maybe one day before I'm too old! Soak up every minute of it...can't wait to hear alllll of the details from y'all :) Praying, praying, praying that God shows up in a huge way!