Friday, March 23, 2012

El segundo día

On the second day in Nicaragua my team went to the nursing home and the girl's orphanage. I was pretty nervous about the nursing home so during my quiet time that morning I really asked God to just ease my nerves and let me trust Him. Then I read Jesus Calling and it said "Waiting for me to work, with your eyes on me, is evidence that you really do trust me." After that I felt so much better. 

The nursing home ended up being one of the highlights of my trip!

We talked to this sweet lady for a while. She was so cute.. she had her nails painted silver & loved telling us about her necklaces. It was obvious that she doesn't get to talk to people much because she told us her whole life story over the course of an hour and a half! 

We went and got drinks afterwards ;)

That afternoon some of the girls went to the orphanage. It didn't exactly go as planned and we ended up just sitting around watching the girls do their homework but it was fun to hang out with my team!

We went to a grocery store afterwards and bought some more Coca Cola Lights!

After dinner a few of us went with the interns to salsa lessons.. let me just tell you it was a sight! We were all horrible but it was so much fun! The first half of the lesson was all individual and the second part was partner dancing. I was partners with a girl on my team until the instructor came and got me and told me he needed a partner.. so there I went up in front of the whole entire class and did all of the dances with the instructor. It was SO much fun!

This was after salsa lessons--Probably my favorite picture from the trip ; )

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  1. Love what they call "Diet Coke"

    So much fun! Aren't mission trips so fun?!