Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Entering the Unknown

last saturday morning i got up early and prepared for my flight. i picked jess up and we met adam at chickfila for one last american breakfast. our flight from atlanta was at 1:50, we had a two hour lay over in miami and then landed in managua, nicaragua around 7pm. several of our team members had to take an earlier flight because we couldnt all fit on one flight so they were all there to greet us!

as we drove to granada (about a 30 min drive) it was super dark and we couldnt really see anything about this new city we were in.

we got to el puente (the place we stayed at all week) got settled in and had pizza for dinner. that was great news for this picky eater. we were all exhausted from traveling so we pretty much went straight to bed after dinner.

we woke up the next morning to the most beautiful place i have ever seen.

every morning we had quiet time after breakfast. i took this time to read jesus calling and journal. for day 1 i wrote:

slept pretty good--got really cold in the middle of the night surprisingly. breakfast was at 6:45 but me, jess, elise, and emily were up by 6-probably because of the time change and day lights savings (which they dont do down here) we had eggs, fruit, rice and beans for breakfast. i only ate the fruit. my team was in charge of clean up so we washed dishes. now we are having quiet time before we walk around the town. today's jesus calling is so perfect. "walk by faith, not by sight. as you take steps of faith, depending on me, i will show you how much i can do for you. if you live your life too safely, you will never know the thrill of seeing me work through you. when i gave you my spirit, i empowered you to live beyond your natural ability and strength. that is why its so wrong to measure your energy level against the challenges ahead of you. the issue is not your strength but mine, which is limitless. by walking close to me, you can accomplish my purposes in my strength." i know i am going to get tired, my energy will seem low, but with your limitless strength, god, i will be able to do anything. i pray as we go out into the town that you will be present and you will reveal yourself to our team. i am excited to see what the rest of this day and the rest of this week hold. i want to feel your presence more than ever. i want you to prepare my heart, lord, for what is to come. thank you god for this amazing opportunity. i have always wanted to do this. i really feel like you are molding me into the person i was meant to be. it amazes me sometimes how powerful your love is and how i always had a desire for you in my heart. i can remember being younger and always being curious about you but never really having the opportunity to know you like i wanted. you are amazing god. so faithful. i love seeing how you make all things work together for my good. "quietness and trust enhance your awareness of my presence with you."

after quiet time we went on a prayer walk through the barrios. it felt like we were in a movie. i had never seen anything like it in my life. the poverty was really overwhelming. even through all the mess though, i saw beauty. after walking for a while we stopped at an area where people were gathered. our translator told us that 2 boys had been stabbed there the night before so we prayed over the community. we stayed there for a little while and began talking to an older man who told us that he tries to watch over the people there. a bunch of kids started coming over and we played. for a long time. it was so cool. even though the language barrier was tough we were still able to communicate. they loved taking pictures. we stayed there for about an hour.

after we left we went around and prayed for two families at their houses. it was really awesome how receptive the people were to us. after lunch we went up to the square. we exchanged our dollars for cordobas. 23 cords=$1 I found a diet coke too! after we shopped around we did an atl (as the lord) i had never really done anything like that before but it ended with us talking to two older men, one who had been shining shoes in the square for 30 years. wow.

cool story/learning moment: an atl is basically where you ask the lord to lead you to people. i was praying and asking god to tell me who i was supposed to talk to. all i kept getting was something about a guy with one leg. i was kind of like 'idk if this is god or me or what' so i just kind of ignored it and didnt say anything to my team about it. as we left the square to go back home i saw not one, but TWO men with one leg. i instantly felt god saying 'see, i told you. TRUST ME' the rest of the week was nothing but trusting god. he is so cool.

take away from day 1: our god is a global god. i saw him all around me and felt his presence. i realized that god knows no language barrier or country lines. it is crazy.