Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weeds to Wonderful

The second day that we went to the girl's orphanage was much different than the first. As soon as we walked in the Nuns had a list of things for us to do.
First on the to do list: pulling weeds. (seriously, I didn't even know what a weed looked like...)

We complained the whole way through. We were so confused as to why we were having to pull weeds. The point of our visit was to hang out with the girls but instead we were pulling weeds...
It was far from the relational ministry we were hoping to have.
At this point we were reading to go home!

We took a break and took some pics ; )

Next thing on the Nuns to do list: the girl's laundry
Oh this just breaks my heart thinking about this day. 
Here we are washing clothes for the girls and they started making fun of us because we didn't know how to use the wash boards. I don't know why, but it hurt me SO bad. 
a great lesson was learned during this.
For the next 24 hours I was literally SO upset about them making fun of us that I cried because of it (could have been caused by the fact that I was kind of getting home sick and the enemy was attacking me HARD...) 
Anyway. As I had time to process the situation (which seems so ridiculous now) I realized that that is EXACTLY how Jesus feels. He is mocked, made fun of, and basically spit on by people... yet He still serves us. 
Yes, it was not fun getting made fun of.. but we still did their laundry. 
We still served those girls because we were being Jesus to them. 

Another cool story.. After we finally got done with our "chores" we got to hang out with some of the girls. This sweet little girl walked in and one of the girls on our team immediately recognized her from last year. We started making bracelets with them when she realized this little girl still had on the bracelet that the Nica team made for her LAST YEAR!
It was just proof that what we were doing mattered. These people remember. 

Sweet Hannie : )

This is the sweet little girl, Ingrid, from last year..hugging Emily who made the bracelets for her.
Probably one of my favorite pictures from the trip.
Pure joy.

Our group with some of the girls : )


Even though our day at the Orphanage started out pretty crappy God used it to teach big lessons. I am so thankful we got to hang out with these girls.. they were so wonderful!


  1. Those pics with the two little ones are just adorable! It is awesome what you are doing the girl's orphage:)

  2. I am proud of you & what you took from there is so awesome !! I am glad that we got to at least one day of ministry together. Haha & what are you talking about this country girl taught you what a weed was ;) ! I love you Jamie Lou !!!!

  3. I am so glad that you have decided to make a difference! You have a great blog!