Monday, April 16, 2012

My Weekend!

Saturday was the annual black vs. red G'day game in Athens!! I have gone pretty much every year of my life so it was no surprise that me, my dad, my brother & my niece went together : )
Adam works for the football team in the recruiting department so he was busy busy busy!! They had over 100 recruits at the game {three of which commited on Saturday!!} which is AWESOME!
I actually ended up meeting up with Adam around half time & tagging along with him while he finished up everything. I don't know how he does it.. I was tired & I wasn't even the one working! 

Saturday night Adam and I went to dinner with one of his roommates.. Adam got a really awesome fortune..I was the one next to him ;)

Sunday we started a new series at church called The New Rules for Love, Sex, & Dating. It's an Andy Stanley series that North Point did a while back and we just started it at Athens Church. I have heard all four weeks but I am super excited to hear them again. Seriously, if you ever want to be married I would strongly encourage you to check this series out.. it's GREAT!!

Adam and I went back to church in the afternoon for the high school service because my BEST FRIEND, Jessica, was speaking about her past in the areas of love, sex, & dating! I am SO proud of her--she did amazing! You can read more about it here.

Sunday night we had a wedding shower for a couple at church, Ben & Maddie. It was so much fun hanging out with all of our friends & celebrating two very special people! I love the community I have here in Athens.. I am so thankful God put all of these people in my life!!

I hope y'all had a great weekend,


  1. Wish I could be there for fun weekends like that!!

  2. What an awesome series that would be!!!

  3. Omg love the little cheerleader!!! So adorable!

    Xx Kelly

  4. I LOVED YOUR AWESOME SUPPORT, and having you run to when I finished speaking !!!!!!!! You are an amazing friend and love you dearly, Jamie :) !

  5. Now I am not a UGA fan but she has to be the cutest little cheerleader ever!