Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday: Guilty Pleasures

I'm linking up with Rachel today for Top 5 Tuesday!!

Here are my top 5 guilty pleasures...

1-DIET COKE. Omgosh. Seriously obsessed. I know it's bad for me. I know water is better. And I try to limit myself but it just tastes.so.freaking.good!

2. Essie nailpolish. It's absurd how many Essie colors I have. I can't make it through Target without at least looking at them. They're just the best! 

3. Magazines!! My top favorites are Glamour, People Style Watch & InStyle. Again, I can't make it through a Target trip without at least looking--at least once a week I stock up on all new mags. I just LOVE them!!

4. Instagram. I abuse this app. I use it ALL the freaking time. Idk why I just really like it!

5. Real Housewives.. of any kind! I am obsessed with them all. Atlanta is my least favorite which is sad because I live here. but they're annoying sometimes. New Jersey is probably my fav ; ) 

What are your top 5 guilty pleasures?!


  1. great list! i love nail polish and pepsi (ha, i know not a coke girl).

    happy tuesday!

  2. Essie is my favorite nail polish and Dt. Coke is def one of my guilty pleasures! Have a great week, girl! :)

  3. Oh my goodness...these are 5 of my most favorite things too!! My body is 98% diet coke. And yes, I too, know it's terrible but I cant stop!

  4. How did I forget to include Instagram on my list?!

  5. Ah I've become a diet coke girl too! It's so bad, but I love it! Instagram and Essie are definitely up there on my list too!

  6. All of those are on my list.
    Except for me it's mountain dew (even worse) instead of diet coke.

  7. Magazines are one of mine too. Love those Essie colors, I need to peruse them again on my next Target trip.