Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding Weekend: Bachelorette Party!

I swear I am becoming a professional wedding goer.. Adam and I have literally been to at least 15 weddings together in the last 3 years. We have another one the weekend after next, two more in June (that we're both in!) & one in October. Guess we're just at the point in our lives when EVERYONE is getting married!!

This past weekend one of my best friends got married. We started the festivities on Thursday night in Atlanta for her bachelorette party. A few of us met at the hotel to get ready then met everyone else at dinner. We ate at a fun burger boutique called Flip Burger--they had amazing milkshakes (Nutella & burnt marshmallows.. Mmmmm!!!)

After dinner we headed back to the hotel so Bree could open her gifts.. tons of great lingerie for her and Seany ; )

A while later we hit the town! We went to a really fun bar called The Ivy. We had SO.MUCH.FUN! There was a great live band playing (Funny story--as soon as we walked in I saw two people I went to Nicaragua with.. a little awkward seeing as how I had paper penises taped all over me & I was drinking out of a penis straw, but whatev. They were there because their friends were the ones playing in the band, small freaking world! HA!) We had so much fun with the band.. they were such good sports & let us get up on stage with them and just act crazy. I ended up talking to two of the guys in the band & we decided they needed to play at my wedding.. haha hopefully they really do because they were AWESOME!

We ended the night with a little WaHo action ; )

I seriously love my friends SO much. We always laugh because our group of friends is so diverse--we are all so different, but so alike at the same time. These are the girls I have been friends with for years (some since I was 5) and they are the girls that I know will be there for me not matter what. We have all changed so much throughout our friendship but the one thing that remains the same is our unconditional love for each other. I wouldn't be the same without them.. SO thankful to be surrounded by people who love me so much!!


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