Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend Rewind!

Little Moments Like This

This past weekend I helped host a 5k to raise money for Vida Joven (Young Life) in Nicaragua! We had to change locations last minute & actually ended up having to have the race at my parent's house. Everything worked out great though and we had a great turn out! Here are some fun pictures from the race...

Later that night Adam and I met up with our friend's Emily and Ben for dinner and drinks downtown. It was the annual Twilight bike race so we hung out downtown and watched a few laps. [ I seriously love this town so much and NEVER want to leave!! ] 

Look how FAST they were going!

We decided to head in early & get froyo and watch Bridesmaids : )

Sunday Adam and I had to skip out on church because we had a wedding to go to! Adam's old roommate, Anthony married his high school sweetheart, Sarah! The wedding was at a cute little house about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta. This was the third wedding I had been to at this venue (popular place apparently...) The food was the BEST wedding food either of us had ever had (and that's saying a lot because we literally have become professional wedding goer's) I got a call while I was at the wedding from a family I babysit so we scooted back to Athens in time for me to watch two of my favorite kiddos! 

weirdo boys ruining our pic!



  1. I'm so proud of how that race went! I know your friends in Nica will be so blessed!

  2. This whole post makes me happy! I love that y'all had a 5K for YL in Nicaragua...such an amazing testimony! So glad you had a wonderful weekend :)

  3. You and Adam are too stinkin' cute together :) I love the picsl !! & I am SO glad the race went well !