Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Happy Wednesday! I am linking up with Jamie today for WILW : )

I am LOVING that a group of my friends & I are going to NASCAR this weekend. I know what you're thinking... how redneck, but I promise it's FUN! We purposely dress as redneck as possible & sip on some 40 oz budweisers.. it's a good time, promise!! A few of us went to Wally World last night to find the latest & greatest in racing attire.. I found this gem on the right for a whopping $7.
Can't wait to tell y'all about it next week : )
I am LOVING that I finally bought a curling wand last night. I have been wanting one for a while but just never bought one. I still have a lot of practicing to do but I thought it turned out pretty cute this morning...

I am LOVING that I have a bachelorette party for one of my best friends, Breanna next Thursday & then her wedding that Saturday!!

I am LOVING Carrie Underwood's new CD.. it has been on repeat since I bought it! My top favorites so far are Good in Goodbye, Blown Away, & Nobody Ever Told You.. but honestly I love them ALL!! If you haven't bought it yet do it NOW!

I am LOVING that I have pretty much all of my stuff moved home. Since my parent's moved into this house right before I moved to college I have never really had a place that was "mine". I had a room but it was always used as a guest room so now that I've moved back home we have to paint & get it the way I want it : )

I am LOVING my Pinterest finds this week...



  1. I think your NASCAR trip sounds like fun, haha ;) Have fun! I totally "loved" Carrie's new album today on my blog... I absolutely love it!! She can do no wrong. Have a great Wednesday!! xoxo

  2. Nascar trips can be fun....esp when you dress up!!!!
    I need to buy Carrie's CD ASAP!

  3. Your nascar weekend sounds HILARIOUS. Oh my. Can't wait to hear about it! And your hair looks AWESOME!

  4. I love your hair!! I've been wanting a wand too!! I am going to the races this weekend too and I'll back you seriously is fun! Have a fabulous time!!!

  5. Such a cute blog! New follower, over from the link up!! I love your Pinterest finds!!

  6. I've been a follower of your blog for awhile (and i love that you live in the south! i am a big southern fan!). Carrie's new album is amazing!! I've had it on non-stop repeat for the past few days. I cant wait to see her in concert. :)

  7. The curling wand is amazing! I am so obsessed with mine! I also am obsessed with Carries new CD, I love See You Again, such an amazing song.

  8. I just bought the curling wand as well. I love it!!!!

  9. I love the wedding pics and I want to get the curling wand. Love Carrie too!

    Make sure you stop by the blog. I am hosting an awesome Southern Tide Giveaway!