Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bachelorette Weekend!

This past weekend I went down to Sea Grove, Florida for my Roomie/BFF's bachelorette party!
We left early Saturday morning & while we were on our way down we gave Katie a Marley Lilly koozie with her new monogram on it : )

 We got to the beach before our condo was ready so we walked around Sea Side and grabbed some lunch.

Even though the weather was pretty crappy we decided to hit the beach. We were out there for all of 5 minutes before it started pouring! Ha, back to the car we went..

{Katie & her sister, Ansley}

 We decided to go to the pool at our condo while they were finishing up cleaning. The weather wasn't great, and it started raining again, but we hung out there for a little while.
Our little bride took a cat nap : )

Later that night we got ready and headed to Panama City. We knew we wanted to do something fun, but not too crazy so we settled for Margaritaville & Tootsies!
We had so much fun dancing & drinking the night away!

We woke up the next morning to some okay weather so we went to the beach! We stayed out for a while before heading to the pool.

That night we went to Destin for dinner at The Back Porch : )

All in all it was a great weekend spent with amazing girls celebrating Katie!!
We are all so excited to be a part of her & Trey's BIG day this weekend : )


  1. oh my goodness, looks like so much fun. and everyone looks fabulous. Love this post, girlie. If you get a sec, I just posted pictures of my wedding dress. Eeek. Love if you could stop by. xo


  2. Y'all have the cutest clothes! Love the pictures. Sounds like a great weekend!