Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend Rewind!

*Sorry if you follow me on IG you have probably already seen all of these pictures!**

This past weekend was one of the BEST in a while!

Friday night we had Katie & Trey's rehearsal & rehearsal dinner. Both were so much fun!!

Saturday was the big day! We got up early & headed to the reception venue where we spent the day getting pampered and hanging out with the groomsmen. K&T decided to see each other before the wedding for pictures & to help with nerves--I have to say, best decision ever & I will definitely be doing the same thing. It made for a much more relaxing day because we were able to get all of the major pictures done before the wedding & got to hang out with the boys the whole day.

K&T's wedding was absolutely beautiful & perfect in every way! I can't wait to show y'all some pictures once their photographer puts some online!

The reception was a BLAST! Since there were more groomsmen than bridesmaids I got to walk with 2 guys. We were introduced into the reception together & we put on a little show for everyone ; ) Haha the boys were so into this.. it was hilarious!

I can't wait for K&T to get home from Costa Rica so I can see them--I already miss them!!!

Sunday I had to be up early for church. Needless to say I was exhausted!! I had a great morning with my 7th grade girls though : )

After church Adam & I met my family at the lake. We had a nice, relaxing day just lounging in the water. The lake is my absolute favorite place in the entire world. It's my happy place : )

It was a great weekend surrounded by lots of love, friends, & family! and I can't wait to do it all again next weekend when we have ANOTHER wedding ((It's FINALLY our last one of the summer!!!!!wahoooo!!!!))



  1. Fun weekend! What I can see of your bridesmaids dress looks adorable!

  2. You looked soo prettyy!!! I LOVE those dresses! Not a color I would think to choose, but it is GORGEOUS. Have me rethinking what colors I would do.. haha she did a great job. Your hair looks awesome too!!

  3. You are so precious! You looked gorgeous at the wedding...love those colors! I can tell you had a great time :)