Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Happy Wednesday Y'all!!

I am linking up with Jamie today for WILW : )

Here are some things I am loving today..

I am loving, of course, that my beautiful roommate/BFF Katie is getting married this weekend. I guess I can't really call her my roomie anymore : ( I am looking forward to the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner Friday night with some of our best friends & then all of the festivities on Saturday. I have walked alongside Katie this past year as her and Trey have prepared to get married & I am so excited to see all of their hard work come to fruition.

I am loving that I only have one week left of one of my summer classes. {NOT loving however that I start another one the week after that and I am still in my math class. SO over summer classes.}

I am loving all the trips I have planned coming up. In a few weeks we're going down to Tybee, then at the end of July I am driving to Texas with some friends to see one of our friends that just moved there then I am flying to Vegas for a few days!!

I am loving the good news that Nicole shared on her blog yesterday. Nicole & I are pretty much in the same "waiting room" so to speak & we have really been there for each other over the last year and it's just great to see things falling into place for someone that you have prayed SO hard for. Now hopefully we will each have another special announcement to make soon ;)

I am loving some of my Pinterest finds this week...



  1. Ohhhh, I love your Pinterest finds too!

  2. Oh what a fun weekend ahead :)!!

  3. You sound like you have some great stuff lined up over the summer!! Enjoy your besties wedding...what a fun and special time :) New follower stopping by from WILW ;)

  4. You make my heart so happy. I am so thankful to you and what you have meant to my life this past year. You are a friend I'm 100% certain the Lord sent to me for this very season. I can't wait to rejoice in all the blessings that are headed our way! I love you!

  5. New follower

    cute blog and love the Pinterest finds.