Friday, July 27, 2012

My Week in Review

Monday--We went to Atlanta to get my ring re-sized so we stopped by my mom's showroom at the Mart. She had so much new furniture--I was in love with it all!  

When we got back from Atlanta my SIL and I took Carolyne-Grace to the pool : )

Tuesday--Erica and I went to Peachtree City to see Jessica!!! I hadn't seen her since MAY. To say we were excited to see each other was an understatement. I seriously I have missed her SO much! Only one more week until she is home though : )

Wednesday--I had an appointment to try on wedding dresses. It went okay. Definitely didn't find "the one" I don't think I'm ready to find my dress yet. I just really wanted to try them on to see which styles I liked and what not. Still don't really know what I want.  Obv I have some time to figure it out.

That night my SIL and I did some crafting for the wedding and for my gifts for my bridesmaids when I ask them to be in our wedding {which I am gradually doing over the next few weeks as I see all of them. Once I ask them I will show y'all how I did it!}

Thursday--I had coffee with a friend, then met another friend for lunch downtown, then went to menchies with my SIL and Carolyne-Grace & came home and watched CG play in her little pool, then met another friend for dinner! It was a highly relational day and I loved every.single.second of it! I love days when I get to just enjoy the company of other people!

Friday--I am going to Rome to see my roomie and her hubby! I love them and can't wait to see them! & they both started blogging so go check them out!! {Trey..seriously go to this blog, he is a HOOT!} {My sweet little Kate!}

This weekend we have a birthday party for Adam's 7 y/o cousin and a family reunion with my dad's side of the family. Then Sunday we have church and a pool party! 


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My 1st Ever Wedding Wednesday!

I promise my blog won't turn into ONLY wedding talk, BUT I am still just so excited that I want to share everything with y'all! 
SO for my first ever Wedding Wednesday let's talk venue!

Like any girl I had been researching venues long before I was engaged. Knowing Adam was going to propose on Friday night, my mom made two appointments on Saturday at two venues I was interested in. Our first appointment was at a local bed and breakfast. I loved the venue but it didn't have ANY inside option in case of weather and that just didn't work for me. It was pouring down rain during our appointment and we were soaked walking the lawns so I knew I didn't want to even chance having my wedding and reception there.

We left and headed to our next appointment--a renovated furniture manufacturer warehouse! Sounds nuts--I know! As soon as we started the tour I knew this was "the one" : )

Unfortunately ALL the dates we wanted were booked so we left without making a decision. As we were riding home I just could not get that venue off my mind so I decided it was worth it to get married later than I wanted to so that I could have it at the perfect venue. 

So by Sunday afternoon we had our venue booked!

We will be getting married June 22, 2013 at The Variety Works in Madison, Georgia!

My favorite part is the loft upstairs that will have additional tables and a 2nd bar!
*we are actually just having our reception inside and the ceremony out on the lawn

EEEEEKKK!!!!! I am still SO excited that this venue worked out. It is PERFECT. It is everything I could have hoped for. 

I still get my outdoor ceremony and indoor reception but if the weather isn't cooperating I have the option to have my wedding indoor as well.

Adam and I are both in love with it : ) 
What do y'all think??


Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Engagement Story!

This might be my favorite post I have ever written! I still can't believe this is all real. Even though I knew we would be getting engaged this summer I didn't know when/how/where/etc. I didn't even have a CLUE what my ring looked like..Adam did it all on his own {with a little help from my Mama}! 

On Wednesday Adam texted me asking if I wanted to go to dinner downtown on Friday. I kind of starting thinking maybe this was the day he was going to propose but I definitely didn't want to get my hopes up {side note: I have thought at least 5 serious times that we were getting engaged so I definitely didn't want to be disappointed again} I kind of just shrugged it off. It kept popping into my mind the rest of the week that this could be it so I made a nail appointment {like I've done every other Friday the entire summer haha} & made sure I had a cute new outfit. The day seriously could not have gone any slower. I was SO nervous just thinking about the thought of it happening. Adam was at work and hanging with friends all day but finally around 4:00 I went to his house. We hung out there for a little while and I could definitely tell he was nervous. We headed downtown around 6:00 and had dinner at Amici. After dinner Adam asked if I wanted to take a walk. Immediately I knew what was coming. It was really happening. We started walking through downtown and I knew exactly where we were heading... 

We crossed over the street and started walking on North Campus. We started getting closer to the UGA Chapel when Adam had us take a turn. We went back behind the Chapel where the bell is located. He told me he had never rang the bell and really wanted to {YEAH RIGHT!!} 

As we got closer to the bell I saw his roommate Thomas and his girlfriend in the bushes with a huge camera {they weren't hiding very well!} As soon as I saw them I immediately started crying. And I didn't stop crying for probably 30 minutes. Honestly I don't remember much of what Adam said because we were both SO nervous. All I do remember is that he got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I still don't even know if I said anything. I was in complete shock. 

And then I saw the ring! This is what I had been anticipating the most. Knowing that I had absolutely 0% input on what my ring looked like left me feeling very anxious {in a good way!} Adam has great taste and I had 100% trust in the fact that he would get me something perfect. I don't know how he knew exactly what I wanted but it seriously is the perfect ring for me.

After he proposed we went to my parent's house where our parent's and my grandparents were there waiting to celebrate! We had so much fun and it was absolutely PERFECT.

Adam and I are not over the top people. We are super simple and like things very low key. This engagement was so perfect and SO "us" I love that we got engaged on a campus that has meant SO much to us, not just during our relationship, but throughout our whole lives. I can remember going to the Chapel Bell every year with my Daddy after Georgia football games, and playing on North Campus as a kid with my brother when we would come to town. And now Adam and I are going to have new memories of our own on campus and at the bell. 

I have known for a long time that I wanted to marry Adam and the fact that my dream is finally coming true is so amazing to me. I cannot wait to start our life together : )


Saturday, July 21, 2012

: )

I wanted to wait until Monday to post this but I am just way too excited to wait!

We're engaged!!!
God is so faithful and we could not be happier. Everything was so perfect and I can't wait to share the story with y'all this week!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Just a few things...

First, sorry for the unplanned blogging break. I have been busy finishing up my summer classes (only 4 more days!!) and enjoying time with family. I hope to get back to regular posts next week : ) 

Second, today is my mom and my niece's birthday! I think it's so fun that they share a birthday : ) Happy birthday Mama and Carolyne-Grace!!


& last, Fearless is back! Head on over and read what Nicole has to say about the beginning of the book of Philippians. You definitely don't want to miss this new series with us!! 


Monday, July 9, 2012

Carolyne-Grace's 2nd Birthday Party

This past weekend we had Carolyne-Grace's 2nd birthday party! Her actual birthday isn't until the 16th but my mom will be out of town so they had to have it early this year. Her and my mom actually share a birthday : ) 

She didn't really have a theme just bright fun colors! My brother & SIL rented a pavilion at the park my brother always takes her to. There were tons of people there to celebrate little miss CG! We are so blessed by this sweet baby. She is such a joy and we are so thankful she is here! 

Here are a few pictures from her fun day!!

I told Caroylne-Grace the day before her party that I couldn't believe she was almost two and she looked at me and said "I can believe it!" Haha

Really though, I cannot believe this girl is almost two. It seriously seems like yesterday I was getting my hair done when I got "the call". I love this little girl like she is my own and I am so thankful my brother & SIL let me be as involved as I am. 

SO blessed!!!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Katie and Trey's Guest Box!

As y'all know my roomie Katie got married a few weekends ago. Katie & Trey had a video booth at their wedding called The Guest Box! We all thought it was so much fun! Here is the video they made for them... look for me! : )