Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My 1st Ever Wedding Wednesday!

I promise my blog won't turn into ONLY wedding talk, BUT I am still just so excited that I want to share everything with y'all! 
SO for my first ever Wedding Wednesday let's talk venue!

Like any girl I had been researching venues long before I was engaged. Knowing Adam was going to propose on Friday night, my mom made two appointments on Saturday at two venues I was interested in. Our first appointment was at a local bed and breakfast. I loved the venue but it didn't have ANY inside option in case of weather and that just didn't work for me. It was pouring down rain during our appointment and we were soaked walking the lawns so I knew I didn't want to even chance having my wedding and reception there.

We left and headed to our next appointment--a renovated furniture manufacturer warehouse! Sounds nuts--I know! As soon as we started the tour I knew this was "the one" : )

Unfortunately ALL the dates we wanted were booked so we left without making a decision. As we were riding home I just could not get that venue off my mind so I decided it was worth it to get married later than I wanted to so that I could have it at the perfect venue. 

So by Sunday afternoon we had our venue booked!

We will be getting married June 22, 2013 at The Variety Works in Madison, Georgia!

My favorite part is the loft upstairs that will have additional tables and a 2nd bar!
*we are actually just having our reception inside and the ceremony out on the lawn

EEEEEKKK!!!!! I am still SO excited that this venue worked out. It is PERFECT. It is everything I could have hoped for. 

I still get my outdoor ceremony and indoor reception but if the weather isn't cooperating I have the option to have my wedding indoor as well.

Adam and I are both in love with it : ) 
What do y'all think??



  1. I am in love. That is going to be such a gorgeous place to have a wedding!!

  2. Beautiful!!! And you will be glad you have almost a year to plan! I had exactly 1 year, it was perfect!!

  3. What a beautiful location!! I look forward to see pictures down the road from it! You are super productive that you booked it already. :)

  4. This will be beautiful! I can't wait to see pics! So excited for this season!

  5. Oh my gosh, that place is beautiful!

  6. I can't wait to be there in (less than!) 11 months!!!

  7. GORGEOUS! That looks like the perfect location! :)

  8. Gorgeous! Love all the natural wood in the venue. Your wedding will be stunning!

  9. So happy we found eachothers blogs!! Your blog is beyond adorable. And I feel like our venues are literally twins. It's beautiful! How exciting, I hope your planning is going so smooth. I can't wait to read more! xx

  10. I LOVE it!! I can't wait to hear more about your wedding!!!

  11. oh my gosh, this venue is absolutely stunning!!!! I look forward to more wedding wednesdays pretty girl!