Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday!

I am SO excited that Rachel decided to bring Top 5 Tuesday back!! She always has great topics AND I always find awesome new blogs through her link up! 

Todays T5T is all about your most worn items in your closet! This was easy for me..

1) J.Crew Chinos. Seriously, I wear these at least 4 times a week. I have them in pretty much every color. They're great because you can wear them with a cute top and some jewelry for a more dressed up look or you can wear them with an XL T-shirt and still look cute. I probably wear them the most with v-neck tee's.. definitely my go-to outfit!

2) I haven't had mine for long but they are quickly becoming something I wear 5-6 times a week! I love my Jack Rogers! Again, you can wear them with a dress or nike shorts and a t-shirt. Love!!

3) White skinny jeans--My favorite pair are the stretch toothpick jeans from J.Crew. I love pairing them with bright colored flowy tanks or shirts and flats. 

4) V-neck tee's--My word, I own these in every color ever made. The ones from Target are my favorite. They're inexpensive and comfortable..plus they come in great colors!

5) Maxi dresses--I used to hate maxi dresses but this past spring/summer I really got into them! I think they're so great because they're super comfortable but still cute! I love pairing a plain dress with a statement necklace like I did when we got engaged...

What are the most worn items in your closet?? Head over to Just Peachy to link up!! 



  1. v-necks from target are my go-to shirt, i also found some ret v-necks at walmart for only 4$, i definitely own wayyyy too many vnecks!!

    hmm, i wish i could get into wearin maxi dresses, i just feel too short to wear them but i love your engagement outfit and pairing it with a statement necklace- very pretty!!

  2. hmm, i dont know what "ret v-necks" are...aha maybe i meant to say "great"...oops, it's been one of those days!

  3. I want a pair of Jack Rogers!I feel like I've been living under a rock that I had never head of them until recently....LOVE them :)

  4. i love all my t-shirts from target,they are the best! and cheap :)

    cute blog!

  5. What sytle of Jack Rogers do you have? I am thinking about getting some, but don't know what kind to get!

  6. What sytle of Jack Rogers do you have? I am thinking about getting some, but don't know what kind to get!