Monday, December 17, 2012

Joy and Sadness

This past weekend was one filled with joy & sadness. As a future elementary school teacher who has spent the last two years teaching K, 2, & 5th graders and is about to student teach in 1st grade I was overcome with so much grief for the babies and teachers who lost their lives on Friday at Sandy Hook Elem School. It's just not fair. I applaud the teachers for their heroism and can only hope I act with such grace if I am ever faced with a similar situation. I can't stop watching the news and reading every article..trying to make sense of such senselessness. All I can cling to is that my God is constant and he is near to the brokenhearted.

Our teaching Pastor Andy Stanley was on my favorite Atlanta morning radio show this morning talking about the CT shootings. I love that this radio show--which is not a Christian radio show at all--had him on to talk about this situation. It's definitely worth listening to!

Click here to listen


On Thursday Adam and I headed to Mississippi to spend the weekend with my blog BFF (now real life BFF) Nicole & her fiance Tyler. 
N + T just bought a house so we were super excited to get to see it and spend the weekend with them!

We got in pretty late Thursday so we immediately got into our PJ's and lounged around together. 

Friday we spent the day in Nicole + Tyler's hometown. We went shopping in the square and had lunch at my favorite little spot in Hernando, The Dip. I had it the last time I was visiting Nicole and knew that Adam would love it!

Friday night we stayed in and made dinner : ) Then Nicole and I decided to do a vlog. You can watch it here if you haven't seen it yet ; ) I'm pretty sure I have watched that ending 308 times..and it's still funny to me!

Saturday we enjoyed a huge breakfast prepared by Nicole and then hung out around the house until it was time for Nicole's shower! She got some amazing McCarty pieces and I soooooo wish that stuff was cool in Georgia because I'm obsessed with it now!!!

After the shower we went back to N + T's house and set up all of their new pottery. Everything looked SO perfect!! That night we went to Mexican for dinner! : )
Sunday Adam and I were up bright and early to head back to Georgia. Goodbyes are always the WORST, but luckily we will see them VERY soon at their wedding and then they are coming to Georgia for Easter & back again for our wedding in June! Love having all of these hang outs planned!

We had the WORST drive home. It literally poured down raining the ENTIRE time. Not once was it not raining. And to top it off I need new windshield wipers. It was just ridiculous. It took us FOREVER to get home. But we had wonderful conversations and honestly anytime I'm with Adam it's fun so it was fine!

I am settling back into my "winter break routine"..which includes waking up whenever I want to, slowly getting ready, going into work for a few hours and then spending my nights hanging out with Adam getting our house put together. I wish this was real life!

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  1. I can't imagine how hard it is for ALL teachers going back to school today with all the questions I am sure they will have from kids. It's so horrible. My heart aches for those families.

  2. Gosh my heart is just breaking for those families. I can't imagine having to answer questions from my fourth graders from this semester.
    Also where are you student teaching?! I'm going to be in first grade at Fowler!

  3. Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend! My heart is heavy as well. I have a niece the age of those school kids and it just breaks my heart thinking what their families are going through.

  4. I am glad that y'all had such a great weekend :) !! You and Nicole have such similar styles... why am I just now noticing lol?! Such cuties.

  5. Y'all are too cute! I'm so glad you enjoyed Mississippi!! McCarty is my obsession!