Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year + New Look + New Series

I just want to say a HUGE Thank-you to Bridgett at Osie Moats for my beautiful new blog design. I LOVE IT!! Go check out her awesome DIY blog.. you won't be disappointed--this girl is SUPER talented!

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Beginning today, every Sunday I am going to be sharing some of my favorite scripture with y'all in hopes that y'all will memorize it with me. Memorizing scripture is SO SO SO important. It can be intimidating but I promise it is so worth it. I can't tell you how many times a day scripture will pop into my head during a certain situation and I am able to make a sound decision about something because I know what the bible tells me.

Today's verse comes from today's SheReadsTruth devotional. I *double* heart this passage. 

I think we are so quick to try to fix things ourselves without relying on God's help, but He promises right here that he will fight for us... we just have to be still

"We memorize scripture not for our own glory or honor, but for the joy of our Father and the growth of His Truth in our hearts."

Will you join me this week by memorizing this scripture? Print it out and stick it on your mirror or in your car, make it your desktop or iPhone lock screen background.. put it somewhere you will see it everyday!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Love the new blog design! And the new series! I'll be right there with you every Sunday!

  2. love your new simple and pretty.
    and the new series- yes! i will definitely be on board memorizing scripture with you each sunday. great idea. and i love this verse to start with!

  3. I love this verse so so much. And I can't wait for this Sunday series!

    Also, LOVE the new design. So beautiful!

  4. Love the new design, and I am very excited to follow your new series! Memorizing scripture is so so important, and I definitely don't do it enough on my own. Looking forward to following along :)


  5. I just started doing the she reads truth studies because you and Nicole both Talked about it and I LOVE it! And love the new design!

  6. Totally in to memorize! That is one of my goals this year.. I want to have a mind FULL of scripture! Cheers to this amazing new blog, lady!

  7. Such a great idea! I will be memorizing with you! :)

  8. Great idea and truly inspirational! I and group of girlfriends are committing to memorizing verses with you. Thank you!

  9. You're so welcome, Jamie! Can't wait to follow along with your new series, too!