Monday, February 18, 2013

Concert + Date Night

This past weekend Adam and I decided last minute to go to the Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors Concert! Drew's wife, Ellie sings with him and oh my gosh they are the CUTEST. They have the best chemistry on stage that I have ever seen. She is the most joyful person and I just loved watching them perform!! Our musician for our wedding, Emily Hearn, was opening for them and since she also leads worship at our church a lot of our friends were there which was really fun : ) Emily has the best voice I have ever heard (no joke) so I of course loved hearing her!

Adam and I really love Athens. Literally everything about it. As we've gotten "older" and have begun transitioning out of the college life we have been finding more and more things that we love about Athens. The music scene is one of those things.

We started our night with a few drinks at Trapeze before heading to the concert : )

Here is my favorite Drew & Ellie song (Also, Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors come out with a new album tomorrow so you should check it out!!)

and my favorite Emily Hearn song that she will be singing as we walk back up the aisle as Mr. & Mrs.!

"'Cause darlin' I need you like ships need the sea"


  1. That looks like a very fun date night :)

  2. What a fun date night, Jamie! I googled Emily after I saw your post on instagram and was completely blown away! Her voice is just phenomenal! xo

  3. They were in Oxford this weekend too! I'll def. have to check them out!

  4. I looooooove Drew and Ellie! We saw them in Oxford on Friday...they're my favorite. I could watch them sing all day every day!

  5. Trappeze is my favorite!! I'm gonna have to look up their music.
    I'm obsessed with Athens too, I dread the day I ever have to leave.
    The city has STOLEN my heart.

  6. I just love Drew and Ellie Holcomb! I sold merchandise at one of their shows last spring and they are some of the most kind, genuine people I've met! Looks like a great weekend!

  7. I'm so jealous!
    I just recently stumbled upon Drew Holcomb and have fallen in love.
    This looks like a perfect date night! :)