Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Scripture

Hello beautiful ladies! I hope your weekend has been fantastic. Instead of just sharing a verse with y'all today I wanted to share something I read in Jesus Calling earlier this week : )

You are feeling weighed down by a plethora of problems, both big and small.
They seem to require more and more of your attention, 
but you must not give in to those demands. 
When the difficulties in your life feel as if they're closing in on you, 
break free by spending quality time with Me.
You need to remember who I am in all My Power and Glory.
Then, humbly bring Me your prayers and petitions. 
Your problems will pale when you view them in the Light of My Presence. 
You can learn to be joyful in Me, your Savior, even in the midst of adverse circumstances.
Rely on Me, your Strength; I make your feet like the feet of deer, enabling you to go on the heights

We all have different circumstances in life that are bringing us down. Some very big things may be happening in your life that you can't break free from. You may even be experiencing something that is of smaller significance but it still occupies your time. This week, especially, I have been feeling weighed down by a particular problem and when I read this it just helped me to put it into perspective. Although this is a substantial issue, there is nothing that He can't fix. 

"I may be weak, but Your sprit's strong in me. My flesh may fail, but my God You never will."


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  1. So thankful to have an encouraging friend like you in my life! I pray that we both will slow down and really sit in his presence this week. Oh how we need that. Love you!