Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday, friends!! This week has been all sorts of crazy and I am just happy it is almost the weekend. I need some R&R desperately!

I am writing this quickly while the kiddos are at specials :) I am loving student teaching SO much and cannot wait to have a classroom of my own. I daydream about how I would set up the class, how I would decorate it, what kind of management I would use. It's all so exciting.

Speaking of exciting, about a month ago I took the GACE which is the test we have to take to become certified educators in Georgia. I found out Tuesday that I passed both sections!!! All I need now is a degree and I am ready to go : )

My kids are HILARIOUS. Seriously they have me in stitches everyday. Yesterday we let the kids move their desks wherever they wanted. Then they had to tell us if they liked their new spot or not and why. Well one of the answers was just too stinking cute and HONEST I could not stop laughing. 6 year olds have NO filter!!!

That's all for today : ) xO


  1. This note made my day!! It's hilarious & poor Max! You're right they don't have a filter. lol Congrats on passing both sections of your GACE! So exciting!!


  2. That note made me giggle!! Poor Max! He's that kid.

  3. Haha! That journal/writing is precious! I've been where you've been. Daydreaming about all the possibilities of your classroom! Oh how it changes in many, many ways!
    Can't wait to see how your career turns out! Teaching is wonderful!

  4. That note kills me! Bless sweet Max's heart, he can't help his dry snot! What would we do without hysterical 6 year olds?

  5. HAHA to the note! I am currently student teaching third graders and they are such a hoot! One day, I caught a girl singing Taylor Swift's "I knew you were trouble" to a boy who asked her out. Awesome- haha! I'm also pretty sure that I have worn an outfit identical to yours from head to toe for teaching... Isn't finding good teaching outfits hard sometimes?