Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

In a quest to use my last few months of being engaged to its fullest potential I have really been focusing my quiet time on discovering what God wants to teach me about not only being a wife, but about being a Christian women in general.

I started in Proverbs 31, naturally ; )

Prov 31 paints such a beautiful picture of how we as Christian women should be. 
This is actually a letter a mother wrote to her son about the kind of women he should marry. That really hits home with me--am I being the kind of women that Adam's mom has prayed he would marry? I sure hope so. Whether married, engaged, or single we should all strive to be a Proverbs 31 women. 

Since I'm not really following any sort of plan I was sitting and thinking about what I wanted to read next. I flipped open my bible to Job. I know I have read Job before but I have never really studied it. I figured I would read the summary and see if there was anything that jumped out at me. 

As soon as I started reading I knew this was exactly what God wanted me to study next. I have a study bible so it has a lot of commentary and notes. One of my favorite things is that at the beginning of every book there is a section that explains the purpose for that book of the bible. The purpose of the book of Job (summarized) is this: God let's innocent people suffer to demonstrate that in His sovereignty He receives glory even when His people suffer and persevere in faith without understanding why. Christ's death is God's ultimate answer to the problem of evil. This book teaches us to live in submission to what God sends upon His people, even when His purposes are unknown and when suffering and evil apear to fall unfairly. 

So, what does all this have to do with being a good wife? Basically, we need to hold ourselves accountable for how we act when faced with trials. We should respond with grace, not sin, when things aren't going our way. It's known that Job was a man of high integrity who was well-known among the people in his area. He was in constant prayer for his children, who he feared were sinning. He had a lot of possessions that he took great care of. Satan tested Job's commitment to God by destroying all of his property and killing his children. He wanted to prove that if everything was taken from Job that he would curse God. Instead, when Job learned the horrible news he fell to the group and worshiped!! He said "naked I come from my mother's womb, naked I will leave this life. The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Praise the name of the Lord." And it is said that throughout all of this horrible situation Job did not sin or blame God for anything!

This is how we should approach all situations in life! Is it okay to be upset if something bad happens? YES! But is it okay to blame God and sin against Him? Absolutely not. It is our job as women of Christ to hold our selves to a standard of grace and to have a humble spirit. We should react in love, not sin, when something goes wrong--praising God always. 



  1. Such a wonderful reminder. I have found myself convicted lately of how I act when I don't get my way, especially in my relationship. So thankful for a God of grace, and a man who displays grace to me as well! Thanks for sharing <3

  2. So blessed to read this and have this reminder. It is so easy to feel hurt, but to turn everything to worship is so impacting. I'm excited for your journey through the rest of your engagement. :)

  3. Your handwriting is amazing!


  4. This is such an inspiring post! It touched my heart and your thoughts on Job was exactly what I needed to read today!

    xoxo Miss ALK


  5. I finally emailed you last night (kinda late EST) about chapters 1 through 4. Hope you're having a good week so far!

  6. I love you so so much. I needed this so much today and I'm so thankful for your influence on my life. I'm ready to study Job!

  7. I've always loved the book of Job...it's such a challenge, and in my selfishness, I realize more and more how far I have to go before I have anywhere near that kind of unwavering commitment and faithfulness. Excellent book to read you as you prepare for marriage. :)

  8. This hits home with me, Jamie. To guard my heart in my current relationship and to prepare myself to be a wife someday. It's such a great reminder even though I know I still have a ways to go! I am excited to see how God grows you these next few months!!

  9. What a beautiful reminder! God is so good to direct us to the book that He wants us to study. And I love the thought about Proverbs 31 written by the man's mother. I've never heard that before! God bless!