Monday, April 29, 2013

Top Spring Nail Polishes

In an effort to try to save some money I have been painting my own nails instead of getting them done every two weeks like I normally do. Over the last few weeks I have picked up several new Essie nail polishes and thought I would share them with y'all today!

Here are my top nail polish shades for Spring 2013!

So first, I keep all of my nail polish in my vanity in my room, but recently I have been keeping my most used shades on top of my mirrored lingerie chest in my bathroom. 

These are my top three shades
L: Madison Ave-Hue M: Mint Candy Apple R: Bond with Whomever

I really really like this shade! It's a really pretty pink and has a tint of sparkle to it, which I didn't even realize until I started painting it on my nails.

 When I bought this color I thought it was going to be more "minty" than it is, and to be honest I did not even like this color at first! After wearing it a day or two it really grew on me! I got TONS of compliments and people asking me what shade I was wearing.

 I'm a huge fan of the color purple and to me, this is the best purple nail polish out there! I own several purple polishes and I like this one the best. It's not too soft and you can definitely get away with just one coat.

So those are my top three nail polishes for Spring! What are you currently loving??


Friday, April 26, 2013

Athens, I Love You: Part 3

Today's AILY post is all about my favorite part of town. There are a few distinct areas of Athens.. East and West side, downtown, and Normal Town, just to name a few. Without a doubt the downtown area is my favorite, but a close second to that would be Normal Town. NT is a neighborhood rich with history and a strong sense of community. Not only does it have the CUTEST houses (this is also an area Adam and I would LOVE to live in for a period of time), but it also has unique restaurants and bakeries. 

One of the most notable restaurants in NT is The Grit.  The Grit is all vegetarian and mostly non-dairy, and all of their food is bought local. It definitely has that Athens-y "lived-in" feel that I love!! The atmosphere is fun and relaxed and the food is very reasonably priced.

And my favorite part of NT.... Ike and Janes! I&J's is a bakery that specializes in coffee, sandwiches, and baked goods. Their baked goods are especially unique and I love it! I'm thinking I might need to make a trip there tomorrow morning ; )

I mean seriously.....


Monday, April 22, 2013

what my fiance thinks of me

Last week Nicole wrote a super cute post about what her husband, Tyler, thinks of her! I thought it was fun so I forwarded it to Adam and had him write 15 things about me ; ) If you want to do the same just have a loved one write about you and then head over to From Mrs. to Mama to link up !!

So here is what my fiance thinks about me... (his answers in black, my comments in blue)

1) She acts like her niece is her child...and her name is carolyne-grace in case you don't already know who she is.
If your niece was as awesome as mine you'd claim her too ; ) I just like to think of it as good practice for when I'm a real mom. 

2) Her bloods runs on diet coke and ranch. And she still has a rockin bod!
Not so sure about the 'rockin bod' part, but I definitely love me some DC and ranch!!!

3) She loves everyone.. unless they talk bad about her social media.
Hahahaaaa... we've had a little problem with blog snobs lately ; )

4) She thinks I read her blog
Yes.. I did think that. I don't anymore.. sheesh.

5) I can cook better than her :)
Sad.. but true. I just don't think it's fun.

6) She loves Athens, GA
I'll be here 'til I die..

7) Her dog sleeps between her butt and knee every night
We really like to snuggle : )

8) She has an attractive family.. The key to being a future hot Mom!
Stay-at-home hot Mom is what he meant to say ; )

9) She likes biscuits plain and doesn't eat cheese unless it's melted... Wow
I am definitely the pickiest eater in the world. Regular cheese seriously makes me want to vom.. 

10) She prefers dessert before dinner
I live by the motto "life's short, eat dessert first!" Adam can't stand this!!!

11) We talk to our dogs like they're babies from a different continent 
"Hampton bowieeeeeee" ;  ) 

12) Jesus, Family and Athens Church are her foundation

13) Bad follow up to 12 but... If she has had a drink, she needs chicken nuggets from McDonalds and so do I!
We have been known to eat a 10 pack of nugs in 30 seconds flat on more than one occasion after being downtown. 

14) She knows more about the Braves than you think. Which is sexy
I love the Braves : ) I might have pushed past a kid one time just to get an autograph at spring training....

15) She has this weird as hell dance with her knees. Which is not sexy

Ha!! So there ya have it.. Adam thinks I'm a loon. That's alright, I know he loves me ; ) 


Friday, April 19, 2013

Athens I love you: Favorite Houses

One of my favorite things about Athens is the amount of unique and amazing houses! Everywhere you go you are bound to see something great! My absolute favorite houses are located in Five Points. Adam and I would LOVE to live in that area at some point! Here are just a few of my favorites...

I can't even pick a favorite because I love them ALL!!


Monday, April 15, 2013

our first wedding shower!

This past weekend Adam's cousins and aunt hosted a couple's shower for Adam + I. I have had two showers before this, but they were both themed showers so it was really fun to have a "real" shower. We got so much great stuff! I never in my life thought I would be so excited to get an iron!! Ha!

We are so so lucky to have such thoughtful family members! I am marrying into such a great family!! SO thankful.

 Fun story.. one of Adam's cousins got this made for us by a homeless man that lives in her town. She said he helps out at the dry cleaners and bends old hangers with pliers to make names, shapes, etc. I thought it was really neat!!

My little helper ; )

We got our toasting champaign flutes! I am so excited about this!! 

One of my flower girls ; )

The Leakey's!! We were joking that I only have 2 months left with a normal last name ; ) Haha!! Even though Leakey is not the most desirable last name to inherit I don't care because it means I am married!! 

Uncle Addy & Aunt May May as Carolyne-Grace would say ; )

With my parents!

It's hard to believe there are only 9 Saturdays left until we say "I do" !! 


Friday, April 12, 2013

athens i love you: bars/restaurants

Welcome to the first week of the athens i love you series! I can't wait to take a peek into your towns : ) Remember to use the hashtag #athensiloveyoublog to share your post on twitter/instagram!

Athens is chalk full of unique and amazing restaurants. Adam and I started an Athens food bucket list because there are so many places we want to try!!

Here are a few of my favorite bars/restaurants around Athens : ) If you ever visit Athens a) be sure to let me know so we can meet up and b) visit some of these places!!

First up.. restaurants.

Hands down my favorite place to eat in Athens is Ted Most Best. I don't know if it's the atmosphere or the amazing pizza that makes it so great, but I could definitely eat there everyday!

Next up, Last Resort Grill. This is one of those places that constantly has a wait. We have been known to wait three hours just to eat there, it's that good!!

A new town favorite, Five Bar. I have only eaten brunch here but it was really good! We are actually going there tonight for dinner & I'm sure it will be just as awesome as brunch! I love the concept of this restaurant. They always have five appetizers, five entrees, five red wines, five white wines, and five desserts. The menu is always changing which I think is really fun! If any of y'all have eaten at Harbor Docks in Destin, the same people own Five Bar!

A restaurant that I like to go "hang out" at would definitely be Cali n Titos. I literally feel like I'm hanging out in Nicaragua when I am there. Their food is SO good and it's BYOB! It's so much fun to take a cooler full of your favorite cold beer and just eat, drink, and hang out!

On to the bars!

Athens is FULL of bars. I love that there are bars for every type of person. There are the grungy super-athensy bars, the classy bars, the fratty bars, the freshmen bars, etc. It is such a neat mix of places. Blue Sky is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I like to go there when the weather is warm and sit out on the porch because they have big chairs and couches to sit on : )

Allgood is another favorite of mine because of their porch! We actually took some of our engagement pictures inside Allgood!

So there ya have it.. just a FEW of my favorite restaurants + bars in Athens! They are all most trys if you are ever in town!!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

making a house a home

Adam and I have been hard at work transforming his condo from a bachelor pad to wife-approved. Adam currently lives in a two story, three bedroom condo with two other guys. They have lived there for the last three years. We thought about looking at different houses/apartments in Athens to move into after we get married, but ultimately decided it was best for me to just move in to where he has been living after the wedding.  It is a great house in a great location. Adam's roommates will be moving out at the end of May but luckily they have been so great and have let me start decorating early ; ) I'm nuts, I know.

Here is a little sneak peek into the beginnings (definitely no where near finished) of our home : ) I love the way everything is coming together!

So we will start with the outside.. (do you spy Hampton??) I love it so much!!

No house in Athens is complete without a bulldawg on the front portch : )

The chevron rug will actually not be staying in the kitchen. Once A's roommates move out we are turning one of the bedrooms into a "Georgia room" (a.k.a. man cave) and it will go in there. Hamp sheds way too much to have a black rug in the kitchen.

I have started picking out different pieces for our place settings so once I have all of that set up I'll take an updated picture : )

On to the living room...

We are still looking for something to go above the couch. I am thinking I will need to do some sort of gallery wall since the wall is so big! What do y'all think??

Downstairs 1/2 bath...

So those are just a few details of the downstairs of the house! I don't really know what our "theme" is we have just kind of been picking things as we go that we like. If it was up to me our entire house would be grey and white, but AKL loves color haha ((lesson one in marriage compromise...)) I can't wait to move in and be able to finish everything!!

If you have any questions about where something came from just leave a comment and I wil let you know : )