Friday, April 12, 2013

athens i love you: bars/restaurants

Welcome to the first week of the athens i love you series! I can't wait to take a peek into your towns : ) Remember to use the hashtag #athensiloveyoublog to share your post on twitter/instagram!

Athens is chalk full of unique and amazing restaurants. Adam and I started an Athens food bucket list because there are so many places we want to try!!

Here are a few of my favorite bars/restaurants around Athens : ) If you ever visit Athens a) be sure to let me know so we can meet up and b) visit some of these places!!

First up.. restaurants.

Hands down my favorite place to eat in Athens is Ted Most Best. I don't know if it's the atmosphere or the amazing pizza that makes it so great, but I could definitely eat there everyday!

Next up, Last Resort Grill. This is one of those places that constantly has a wait. We have been known to wait three hours just to eat there, it's that good!!

A new town favorite, Five Bar. I have only eaten brunch here but it was really good! We are actually going there tonight for dinner & I'm sure it will be just as awesome as brunch! I love the concept of this restaurant. They always have five appetizers, five entrees, five red wines, five white wines, and five desserts. The menu is always changing which I think is really fun! If any of y'all have eaten at Harbor Docks in Destin, the same people own Five Bar!

A restaurant that I like to go "hang out" at would definitely be Cali n Titos. I literally feel like I'm hanging out in Nicaragua when I am there. Their food is SO good and it's BYOB! It's so much fun to take a cooler full of your favorite cold beer and just eat, drink, and hang out!

On to the bars!

Athens is FULL of bars. I love that there are bars for every type of person. There are the grungy super-athensy bars, the classy bars, the fratty bars, the freshmen bars, etc. It is such a neat mix of places. Blue Sky is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I like to go there when the weather is warm and sit out on the porch because they have big chairs and couches to sit on : )

Allgood is another favorite of mine because of their porch! We actually took some of our engagement pictures inside Allgood!

So there ya have it.. just a FEW of my favorite restaurants + bars in Athens! They are all most trys if you are ever in town!!



  1. Ok. This post makes me totally want to come visit Athens!

  2. I think Brett's is one of my favorite Athens restaurants. It's not on the side of town as the others, but their tenderloin is melt in your mouth good.

  3. Boulder, I Love You:

  4. I loveeeee Cali n Titos but my current favorite place I have to eat at anytime I'm home is Pauley's!

  5. LOVE it! I LOVE Cali n Titos. This post seriously made me wanna hope on 85 to 316 and get my butt down to the bars. I'm so thrilled with this series! I'm with Leslie above me, too! LOVE Pauley's!

  6. Last Resort!!! YUM! I need to come visit so I can try all these other places, too. ;)

  7. Allgood is my absolute favorite bar! I love that y'all took engagement pictures there!
    I've gotta write my post still.. it'll just be a few days late ;)

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