Thursday, April 11, 2013

making a house a home

Adam and I have been hard at work transforming his condo from a bachelor pad to wife-approved. Adam currently lives in a two story, three bedroom condo with two other guys. They have lived there for the last three years. We thought about looking at different houses/apartments in Athens to move into after we get married, but ultimately decided it was best for me to just move in to where he has been living after the wedding.  It is a great house in a great location. Adam's roommates will be moving out at the end of May but luckily they have been so great and have let me start decorating early ; ) I'm nuts, I know.

Here is a little sneak peek into the beginnings (definitely no where near finished) of our home : ) I love the way everything is coming together!

So we will start with the outside.. (do you spy Hampton??) I love it so much!!

No house in Athens is complete without a bulldawg on the front portch : )

The chevron rug will actually not be staying in the kitchen. Once A's roommates move out we are turning one of the bedrooms into a "Georgia room" (a.k.a. man cave) and it will go in there. Hamp sheds way too much to have a black rug in the kitchen.

I have started picking out different pieces for our place settings so once I have all of that set up I'll take an updated picture : )

On to the living room...

We are still looking for something to go above the couch. I am thinking I will need to do some sort of gallery wall since the wall is so big! What do y'all think??

Downstairs 1/2 bath...

So those are just a few details of the downstairs of the house! I don't really know what our "theme" is we have just kind of been picking things as we go that we like. If it was up to me our entire house would be grey and white, but AKL loves color haha ((lesson one in marriage compromise...)) I can't wait to move in and be able to finish everything!!

If you have any questions about where something came from just leave a comment and I wil let you know : )



  1. It looks amazing so far, Jamie! Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. Love it Jamie! Your home is beautiful! xo

  3. You should either do a gallery wall of engagement/wedding prints or get a huge print of one of your favorite pictures of you and Adam for above the couch.

  4. I love your eye for great decorating. Whenever you get finished, you can come to my apartment ;)

  5. Love your table!!...Did you paint the table and chairs, or were they like that originally?

  6. Looks so cute so far! Love the chevron rug!


  7. Love it, Jame!!! I think a gallery wall or a plate wall or something would be good for that space. Or maybe a mirror??

  8. Love it!! All of it is coming together so nicely, I really love that chevron rug! Can't wait to see everything when you completely finish decorating it! Y'all are such a cute couple, pretty lady!

  9. Looks awesome!! I love the idea of a gallery wall. The map picture is so cute!

  10. I would LOVE to know where you found that 2 Corinthians verse! It is so cute and unique, plus an awesome verse! Thanks!

  11. Everything looks so perfect! Love, love, LOVE it. Where did you get the verse print? I would love to get one! :)