Wednesday, April 10, 2013

new blog series: athens, i love you

It's no secret that I am absolutely IN LOVE with Athens. To me, it is the perfect, Southern town. It has a little bit of everything for every walk of life. There's the downtown scene that is full of boutiques, unique restaurants  and over 150 bars. There's Normal Town that is a hipsters dream come true. There's Five Points that is full of amazing houses. There's Milledge Ave that is full of Sorority and Fraternity houses and people walking/running at all times. There's the East side where you pass every fast food restaurant ever created within 3 minutes. & right smack dab in the middle of all of it is the most beautiful college campus in the world. UGA has so many unique details and really is unlike any other college. The mix of college students and regular residents is what makes Athens what it is. Adam and I hope to live here forever!!

I thought it would be fun to do a series highlighting some of my favorite aspects of Athens, & I would love for you to do the same with where you live! I think it is so fun to see where other bloggers are from and what they love about their town!

Each week I will highlight a different aspect of Athens. Here is what the series will look like...
Friday, April 12: Bars/Restaurants
Friday, April 19: Favorite houses
Friday, April 26: Favorite part of town
Friday, May 3: Something unique about your town

I'm not going to do a link-up but instead if you post during the series tweet/instagram the link to your blog post and use the hashtag #athensiloveyoublog so everyone can see what you love about your town!! : )

I hope you will share your town with me! : ) xO


  1. I think I might do this with Boulder! :)

  2. I'm SUPER excited to read this about Athens! I'm from Marietta, but, LOVE getting to visit Athens so I'm sure your list will have some of my favorites and some new places! What a fabulous idea!!! I'm excited for the favorite houses part!!!

  3. I love this idea!! I'm going to join you and do my amazing town of Corvallis, Oregon! Yayyyy!!

  4. I can't wait to see more of Athens!! AKA My favorite town ever!!!

  5. Such a fun idea! College towns are the best!


  6. This is really cool! It makes me want to visit Athens, which I keep hearing about!!

  7. So excited for this! I love comparing Athens with people and finding new places I've never noticed before!