Monday, April 29, 2013

Top Spring Nail Polishes

In an effort to try to save some money I have been painting my own nails instead of getting them done every two weeks like I normally do. Over the last few weeks I have picked up several new Essie nail polishes and thought I would share them with y'all today!

Here are my top nail polish shades for Spring 2013!

So first, I keep all of my nail polish in my vanity in my room, but recently I have been keeping my most used shades on top of my mirrored lingerie chest in my bathroom. 

These are my top three shades
L: Madison Ave-Hue M: Mint Candy Apple R: Bond with Whomever

I really really like this shade! It's a really pretty pink and has a tint of sparkle to it, which I didn't even realize until I started painting it on my nails.

 When I bought this color I thought it was going to be more "minty" than it is, and to be honest I did not even like this color at first! After wearing it a day or two it really grew on me! I got TONS of compliments and people asking me what shade I was wearing.

 I'm a huge fan of the color purple and to me, this is the best purple nail polish out there! I own several purple polishes and I like this one the best. It's not too soft and you can definitely get away with just one coat.

So those are my top three nail polishes for Spring! What are you currently loving??



  1. I'm in love with that purple too! I have a very similar color on my nails right now! Love your mirrored dresser btw.

  2. Essie nail polish is really the best. It is by far my favorite! I love all three of these colors. I was going to go to the store today to get a new color, so maybe I will look to buy one of these colors!

  3. That purple is my FAVE!!! I seriously want to wear it all the time!!

  4. Love the Essie mint one! I almost bought it a couple weeks ago, might have to go out and get it now! I've actually never bought an Essie nail polish before... I usually buy the $1.99 Pure ICE ones at Walmart haha. Guess it's time for a nail polish upgrade!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  5. I have been wanting purple polish for a while now but didn't know which one to get! I'll definitely be getting that one, I love Essie! Thanks girl :)

  6. New follower from Kelly's Korner :) where is your shower curtain and mirror chest from? I love them both so much! Also, Essie polish is my fave! I've been wearing Turquoise and Caicos for a month straight now, such a pretty spring color!

  7. Okay.. so I know this post is about nail polish but now I want a house tour... LOVE that mirrored piece in your bathroom! XO