Monday, April 22, 2013

what my fiance thinks of me

Last week Nicole wrote a super cute post about what her husband, Tyler, thinks of her! I thought it was fun so I forwarded it to Adam and had him write 15 things about me ; ) If you want to do the same just have a loved one write about you and then head over to From Mrs. to Mama to link up !!

So here is what my fiance thinks about me... (his answers in black, my comments in blue)

1) She acts like her niece is her child...and her name is carolyne-grace in case you don't already know who she is.
If your niece was as awesome as mine you'd claim her too ; ) I just like to think of it as good practice for when I'm a real mom. 

2) Her bloods runs on diet coke and ranch. And she still has a rockin bod!
Not so sure about the 'rockin bod' part, but I definitely love me some DC and ranch!!!

3) She loves everyone.. unless they talk bad about her social media.
Hahahaaaa... we've had a little problem with blog snobs lately ; )

4) She thinks I read her blog
Yes.. I did think that. I don't anymore.. sheesh.

5) I can cook better than her :)
Sad.. but true. I just don't think it's fun.

6) She loves Athens, GA
I'll be here 'til I die..

7) Her dog sleeps between her butt and knee every night
We really like to snuggle : )

8) She has an attractive family.. The key to being a future hot Mom!
Stay-at-home hot Mom is what he meant to say ; )

9) She likes biscuits plain and doesn't eat cheese unless it's melted... Wow
I am definitely the pickiest eater in the world. Regular cheese seriously makes me want to vom.. 

10) She prefers dessert before dinner
I live by the motto "life's short, eat dessert first!" Adam can't stand this!!!

11) We talk to our dogs like they're babies from a different continent 
"Hampton bowieeeeeee" ;  ) 

12) Jesus, Family and Athens Church are her foundation

13) Bad follow up to 12 but... If she has had a drink, she needs chicken nuggets from McDonalds and so do I!
We have been known to eat a 10 pack of nugs in 30 seconds flat on more than one occasion after being downtown. 

14) She knows more about the Braves than you think. Which is sexy
I love the Braves : ) I might have pushed past a kid one time just to get an autograph at spring training....

15) She has this weird as hell dance with her knees. Which is not sexy

Ha!! So there ya have it.. Adam thinks I'm a loon. That's alright, I know he loves me ; ) 



  1. Awww this post was so cute! I am 100% with you on eating dessert first. :-) I used to have a summer job at a bakery and that was dangerous... I'm surprised I was still able to fit in my clothes at the end of the summer! Haha.

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. hahahaha i love love love it!

  3. this was a fun post!! haha!