Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A day in the life...

Today's topic for the Blog Everyday in May Challenge is a "day in the life". Since I am done with school (graduation on Friday!!) my days are some what unpredictable. I started back working for my dad, but I have also been going back to the elementary school a lot. So I may do another one of these in the fall once I'm back in my teaching routine : ) 

Anyway, here is what my day looked like yesterday. 

I woke up at 6:30 and snoozed about 6 times. Some mornings I hop right out of bed and start my day.. other days I feel like I'm in a coma and refuse to acknowledge that I have somewhere to be. I used to use the app that monitored your sleep and woke you up when you were in the best sleep to be woken up but for some reason it creeped me out that it monitored my sleep so I quit using it. I don't even know if it really worked haha

Anyway, after I wake up I spend a few minutes reading Jesus Calling and journaling. I'll be honest, this doesn't happen, but I'd say 80% of the time it does. I really like doing my quiet times at night more than in the morning, but I really think starting my day off in this calm way sets me up for a great day. 

After I am done with that I feed Lexie and hop in the shower. My hair is super thick and starting to get long again so after my shower I wait for it to air dry a little. While it's drying I hop on the computer and check out my blog feed. I started using Bloglovin a month or so ago and I really like it. I will also watch beauty guru YouTube videos if I have time ; )

After that I usually have to clean up the huge mess Lexie has made from her food. She is a crazy eater. I have no idea why she does this and have tried everything to fix the issue..

Finally, I dry my hair which takes about 15 minutes, and then straighten it which takes about 10. After that I spend about 10 minutes doing my makeup. 

During the school year I pick my clothes out the night before, but since I'm not teaching again until the fall I pick out whatever I'm going to wear that morning. (& sometimes take an #ootd pic if it's IG worthy and if I have time.. today that was not the case)

I did take a #notd pic though ; )

On this particular day I went to the elementary school for my firsties end of the year party. It takes me about 45 minutes to get to the school from my house. 

Their party was 9:00-11:30 so I hung out with the kids and the teachers and then headed to the mall since it is right by my school. I was looking for new sunglasses and a dress for graduation--found neither. 

I headed home and took a really long, much needed, nap!

I finally got up around 5:00 and went to meet my sister-in-law to pick up my niece for swim practice.

I of course had to take her picture before she started ; ) She is doing SO good. Most of the little girls in her class cry the entire time, but her and another girl don't cry at all and are doing really well! Such a proud aunt!! (How cute is her bikini ; ) I wish I would have taken a picture of the back of her hair--she had a french braid, it was precious!)

After swim we ran home and I changed Carolyne-Grace into some new clothes and fixed her hair. We jumped back in the car and headed to Adam's house. We picked him and his roommate Thomas up and headed to meet some more friends at dinner. I absolutely LOVE taking CG places with me. I want a baby so bad and this definitely holds me over until the time is right ; ) 

After I got back home I cleaned up and hopped in bed. My favorite thing to do before bed is light a candle and journal. It helps to calm me and helps me reflect on my day. I am really working on finding purpose even in the most ordinary days and this is a great way for me to look back and think about my day. After that I laid in bed and watched Don't be Tardy (guilty pleasure..) and fell asleep : )

Not that exciting of a day ; ) 

What is your typical day like??



  1. Makes me wish I was there so bad!!! And don't have a baby... Just get a new puppy and you'll want to wait a little while. ;)

  2. I loveee your shower! BTW: Harper does the same thing with her dog food! messy girls!

    Everything is this post is so cute and i love the new app as well!

  3. Ohh, I bet that candle smells devine.

  4. Jamie I just LOVE the way that your make-up and nail polish is organized!! It looks so cute and accessible. You may have inspired me to do a major cleaning of my bathroom at home this summer... :-)

    Sounds like a lovely day!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  5. My dog does the SAME thing with his food! He only eats the red and yellow pieces, and throws the brown and green ones out of his dish. NO clue why he does this!

    I also am obsessed with your makeup tower, it's so cute!!

  6. I so enjoy doing my quiet time at night, too! And, Don't Be Tardy? A total guilty pleasure of mine...there was a mini marathon of it this morning! (;

  7. Ok PLEASE inform me as to where you got the piece that your makeup/nail polish is stored on & in. I am in L O V E.... it's perfect!!!!