Sunday, May 19, 2013

Favorite Blogs

Today's topic for the Blog Everyday in May Challenge is my top 5 favorite blogs and why I love them. Okay, so this is probably the hardest topic so far.. I mean how the heck am I supposed to pick just 5?!

I guess I will try. 

In no particular order, here are my top 5 blogs!

(1) Nicole at Bloom
Nicole is one of my best friends! Besides the fact that we are BFF I love her blog because what you see is what you get. If you know N in real life then you know that the way she is on her blog is exactly how she is in person. Unfortunately, that's not really the case with every blogger so I appreciate her honesty and transparency!

(2) Emily at Life with Emily
I have been following Emily's blog for a while now and I am so excited that are getting to finally meet in real life in just 2 short weeks!!! I love Emily's blog because she has great style and all of her posts are relevant to me and the things that I like : )

(3) Bre at Basically Bre
I have also been following Bre's blog for a while and will also get to meet her in 2 weeks!! I am going up to North Carolina to spend the weekend with her and Emily & cannot wait!!! I love Bre's blog because, just like Emily, everything she blogs about is exactly what I want to read. I know we are going to have the best time with each other because we have so much in common!

(4) Allison at Amarixe
Not only is Allison a blogger but she is also a YouTube beauty guru which is how I found out about her blog. I watch a lot of YouTube channels and her's is definitely one of my favorites. Check her out if you like shopping/makeup hauls, nail/makeup tutorials, and monthly favorites videos!

Kelly at Kelly's Korner
This might be weird but I really LOVE mom blogs. I just love seeing their little families & it just makes me sooooo excited for my future. I love Kelly's blog because for one she really really loves Jesus. and that is obviously awesome. but I also love that she has such a sweet heart for singles and college age students. A lot of what she blogs about really hits home for me and I appreciate her encouragement! 

I absolutely LOVE blogging & it has become a HUGE part of my life. I love connecting with my followers through Instagram/Twitter & e-mails. These are just a FEW of my favorites--y'all are the best & I love you all!!!



  1. Nicole's blog is one of my favorites, and I love Bre's blog too! Have a wonderful time in the Queens City! I am transferring to a school there next year and I can't wait, I wish I was down there already, such a beautiful city! Check out SouthPark mall if you get a chance!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. I love Nicole and Kelly's blogs! They are both adorable people who God is using in the Blog world!

  3. YAY! Thanks for including me, friend!! I was a bad blogger and forgot to schedule my post for today :( I am so excited to FINALLY meet you!!