Monday, May 6, 2013

what I do

When it comes to "what I do" about a million things pop into my head. I am one of those people that is constantly doing "stuff". I hate being bored and I hate not having a full-schedule. I thrive on order. If you were to look at my iCal at any given time there's no doubt that pretty much everyday is filled with SOMETHING. My life is basically (very) organized chaos. So without saying my actual job or the things I do outside of work.. here is "what I do"...

-I encourage

-I build relationships
-I mentor

-I lead
-I invest
-I am a friend
-I am a fiance
-I am a daughter
-I am a sister
-I am an aunt

-I am a doggy mama
-I am an organizer

-I am a planner

All of these things describe "what I do" : )

What do you do??