Tuesday, June 25, 2013

all about the Leakey wedding!

Hi, girls!  My name is Nicole and if you've been following Jamie for any length of time, then I should be a pretty familiar face.  For those of you who haven't been around Southern Simplicity for long, let me introduce myself!

Jamie and I met through blogging in the Fall of 2010.  We had a lot of things in common and commented back and forth on each other's blogs until SEC football brought us together in 2011. The Georgia Dawgs came to Oxford to play the Rebels and Jamie showed up at my apartment door with Jessica (her real life friend, another blogger friend of mine!).  We've been the best of friends since the moment I opened my apartment door and I can't imagine my life without my Georgia girls.  Jamie traveled to Memphis, Tennessee for my wedding just a few short months ago and we have both been looking forward to HER wedding weekend since then!  

My husband, Ty, and I arrived in Madison, Georgia on Friday afternoon so that we could be at Jamie and Adam's rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Jamie asked me to be her proxy bride, so I walked down the aisle with her Dad while she made sure that everything was the way she wanted it.  Jamie and Adam's friends are top notch and both of their families have such big, sweet hearts.  Their rehearsal dinner was such a sweet time to celebrate the day ahead and I think everyone had a great time!  Here are a couple of pictures from the night and a little video to give you a closer look. :)

Her flowers were KILLER!  

Koozies, of course!

The beautiful bride and mother of the bride! (And Adam...)

The three best blog friends!

bride and MOH

MOH and Jamie's precious niece and flower girl, CG!

jLa rehearsal from Nicole Cole on Vimeo.

And then... IT WAS WEDDING DAY!!!

I wish I could adequately put into words the feeling of this day.  It was relaxed and fun and sweet and all over just a precious day for two very precious people.  Jamie and Adam's friends and family came in and out of the bridal suite all day and you could just see the love they have for Jamie and Adam.  You could feel the excitement and see the joy written all over their faces.  Jamie was was so relaxed and cool all day long.  She laughed with her bridesmaids and walked around the venue just happy to finally be able to soak in everything the day had to offer.  I loved being able to be there with Jamie, her bridesmaids, and her family all day.  I was able to help out here and there and keep up with some of the littles throughout the day.  At one point I was able to head outside and jump in a few pictures with Jame and it was a TRIP when we told her photographer how we had met!  She was completely shocked and couldn't believe we were such great friends!  We always love telling people that "we met on the internet"! Ha!  Here are a couple of pictures from before the wedding!

Jamie writing one last letter to Adam before they became husband and wife!

All the girls in their monogram tanks!

Keeping little miss CG occupied before the wedding. ;)

This girl and her Diet Coke!  You know she was throwing them back all day long!  After her initial styrofoam cup from Chick-fil-a, of course...

Before the wedding Jamie and I got a chance to pray together before I went to find my seat.  I wasn't an emotional mess until that point.  Ha!  It just blows my mind that the Lord has given me such a precious friendship through the craziest circumstances.  I am so blessed that this girl is one of my very best friends and it was an honor to get to hold her sweet hands and pray over her and Adam's marriage.  I love those two so much.

Our last picture before she walked down the aisle to become Mrs. L!

I left the bridal suite to go find Ty, a few friends, and our seats.  Every seat was full and you could just sense the excitement.  We grabbed some aisle seats so that we would have a good view as the bride walked down.  

Hydrangeas, roses, peonies, babies breath... her flowers were breathtaking!

The ceremony started and a very talented gal from Athens Church (Emily Hearn- look her up!) began singing.  She sang a few beautiful songs as the grandparents, parents, and bridal party walked down the aisle.  As Jamie began her walk Emily began playing Christy Nockels' "For Your Splendor" and I immediately began to sob.  After the wedding I was talking to the photographer and she said that she had to snap a few pictures of me crying as Jamie walked down the aisle.  She said, "I thought, 'wow!  She really loves her!'"  Truer words couldn't have been spoken.  I love that others are able to see just how incredible our friendship really is.  God is so good!  Jamie just beamed the whole way down the aisle and Adam looked like he was ready to jump out of his skin he was so excited.  They had a really precious ceremony and their first act as a married couple was to take communion.  The Lord was definitely glorified through their ceremony and I am so grateful for that!

After their first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. they walked back down the aisle and their incredible reception began!  Wood stumps, vases of flowers, and candles made up the centerpieces and we dined on good 'ol southern food and drank out of mason jars.  It was a true southern affair!

Every good wedding has at least a couple of bloggers!

So thankful that Ty and I have friends like these!

It was such a fun night of dancing and laughing and celebrating the happy couple.  It was probably the most fun wedding I've ever attended, but I know that it's because I love these Georgia people so much! I was on cloud nine being with all my sweet friends that I only see once in a blue moon and I know that there are so many pictures that I wish I could have gotten!  But, I'll take the memories over the pictures any day.  You guys will just have to wait for the professional pics! ;) Which, will be amazing, by the way!  However, Tyler and I did happen to capture some of the day on video.  I hope that you enjoy seeing a peek into Jamie and Adam's day!  

Jamie + Adam from Nicole Cole on Vimeo. (Song is "Like Ships need the Sea" by Emily Hearn)

Jamie and Adam,

I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of your day and I will cherish the memories forever!  I love you guys so much and I am so excited that you are able to experience what Ty and I have experienced the past 3 1/2 months!  Marriage is such a joy and I am so thankful that we get to share this journey together.  I hope that you are enjoying every single second of your honeymoon!  I love you, Mr. and Mrs. L!

Thanks for having me today, ya'll, and be sure to come back the rest of the week because Jamie has some pretty great posts lined up!  

xoxo Nicole


  1. Oh my gosh! Jamie the wedding was absolutely precious! You looked stunning! And Nicole did such a great job with the videos! They are so perfect!!

  2. What a beautiful wedding!! I hope they are having a great honeymoon!

    Great post btw!

  3. You two are the cutest blogging besties ever!! I have loved reading and learning about BOTH of your weddings, and it's so fun how you got to be there for each other! Jamie and Adam's day looked amazing! :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  4. Beautiful wedding! And an even more beautiful bride! The videos were awesome - thanks for giving us a peek into Jamie's special day.

  5. Such a sweet post and so magical what the wonderful world of blogging can do for sweet friends x

  6. I completely cried when I watched that video. If that doesn't show how true and pure their love is for each other, I don't know what does. You could see the radiance glowing from Jamie as she walked down the aisle to her groom.

    It's so precious you two were able to make such a strong connection and friendship via blogging. The world works in mysterious ways!! Thanks for letting us have a glance into her wedding!

  7. This is just so sweet!!! <3 <3 <3 What a wonderful celebration. So happy for you Jamie! I wish I could have Nicole at my wedding too ;)

  8. BRING ON SOME SERIOUS TEARS WHY DON'T YOU! Ahhh geeze, so beautiful.

  9. Wow so beautiful! Jamie look gorgeous!

  10. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! AHH!!!! Congratulations, Jamie!!!!

    PS. Nw obsession? That song, Like Ships Need the Sea

  11. Everything is SO precious! I love the friendship between y'all.

  12. WOW! what a beautiful wedding and friendship! so awesome!

  13. Goodness- I'm sitting here all teary- such a sweet friendship! And I love that song yall used for the recap video! Goodness gracious!

  14. Nicole, you have been a blessing to my one and only granddaughter. 7 boys and Jamie. The boys adore her. Your videos were amazing and made us cry. I always tell her if God only meant for me to have one granddaughter, thank goodness it was her. She is as beautiful inside as she is out, and I think she chooses friends who are the same. Thank you for sharing she and Adam's special day. Great to meet you and Carolyne is in love with you.

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