Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Friday, y'all!! We have FINALLY made it through the week, which means only one thing for me.. I'm getting married tomorrow!!!

This morning is my bridesmaid's luncheon at the country club I grew up at. My parents moved my Senior year of high school, but we lived in the neighborhood and were members of this country club from the time I was 18 months old to 18 years old, so it definitely holds a special place in my heart. I am so excited to be able to celebrate my bridesmaids and all they have done for me throughout our engagement!!

Exactly 11 months ago yesterday Adam asked me to marry him : ) Tomorrow we will turn that proposal into a promise.

I will be having 6 wonderful guest bloggers while we are on our honeymoon! I am so glad to know that my blog will be left in great hands while we're away. {be on the lookout for a wedding re-cap from Nicole!!}

I am so excited that Adam and I will be getting to spend 8 amazing nights in St. Lucia for our honeymoon. I am going to enjoy the downtime SO much!!

I am so so so excited to be getting married tomorrow. Adam and I have looked forward to this day for a long time. Check back tomorrow at exactly 6pm (when I am walking down the aisle) for another sneak peek of my wedding dress : ) If you are on Instagram follow me (@jamielb_) and follow the hash tag #leakeywedding for wedding updates throughout the day!!



  1. So so so excited for you! Can't wait to see pictures throughout the day.

  2. So it looks like you are staying at Sandals..we did too and I loved it! Have fun and good luck!

  3. Jamie, I have very much enjoyed reading all your updates during your engagement and seeing what your wedding plans have turned into. You and Adam seem like the ultimate perfect match for each other so I can only imagine how BEAUTIFUL your wedding tomorrow is going to be. Have a blessed day and know how happy all your fellow readers are for you!

    And St.Lucia is a great place to go on your honeymoon. My brother & SIL went there and loved it!

  4. Congrats beautiful girl!!!! I know your wedding will be gorgeous, you will be a stunning Bride! <3

  5. CONGRATS!! can't wait to see the pictures. have a beautiful wedding & honeymoon, will totally follow along on instagram!


  6. Congrats! I have been reading your blog since a little before the engagement and following your journey to marriage. Can't wait to see the photos and hear about it!

  7. Congratulations! Can't wait to see pictures!

  8. Yay! Your big day is almost here! I am sure it's going to be magical and wonderful and I can't wait to read Nicole's recap! Have a lovely time on your honeymoon Jamie! Blessings to you and Adam as you begin this new season in your lives!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  9. Good luck on your big day! Remember, don't sweat the small stuff and enjoy yourself! It will be beautiful, I'm sure :)


  10. I am going to be stalking Instagram So hard! I know you are going to be a beautiful BRIDE! Ah!

    Enjoy your day, sweet girl!

  11. Good luck on your big day, I'm a new reader but have fallen in love with your blog and can't wait to see your wedding photos and hear all about your honeymoon!