Thursday, July 11, 2013

#CWDFFL13 at Disney Day 1

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@jamielb_) you probably know that my dad, my niece, & I headed down to Orlando yesterday! What you might not know is why we are here. My dad works for a large specialty pharmacy that specializes in pediatric growth hormone & diabetes. This week at Disney is the Children's with Diabetes Friends for Life conference and my dad's company has a booth at the expo! My dad thought it would be fun to take Carolyne-Grace since her 3rd birthday is next week and she has never been to Disney World. Unfortunately my mom, brother, & Adam weren't able to join so the three of us just came together : ) 

Ready to go at 5am!

She is the best traveler!

We arrived at our Disney resort around lunch time yesterday. We got settled into our "apartment" as CG calls it and headed to lunch.

We're here!!!!

After lunch we went to the gift shop and then spent some time playing at the pool before it was time to get ready for the expo. 

My dad's company (who I also work for) had a booth set up with a fun game and face painting! I was in charge of all the face painting, which was quite hilarious considering I am awful at painting. My first "customer" of the night asked if I could paint an insulin pump on her face... hahaha, um no. 

We had a great time talking to all the kids about what kind of pumps they were on, their journey with diabetes, and what doctors they see. 

CG's green guitar.. ha, told you I was awful

My dad is working at the booth again this morning and this afternoon we are headed to the Magic Kingdom : )



  1. I'm already dying to see magic kingdom pictures!! It is going to be SO sweet!!

  2. Aw she is adorable! Love the pictures! I work in the Endocrine Clinic at LeBonhueur Children's Hospital in Memphis, TN- we love our Diabetes kids! Thanks for sharing all of your pictures! And if it makes you feel any better, I had the same face painting task at an event for our church last year...let's just say it was not a positive outcome haha

  3. What a great cause! Diabetes research has been a huge passion of mine pretty much forever. My best friend is diabetic, another close friend lost her mom and sister to diabetes and two other close friends of mine have diabetes (all type 1). It is great to see Disney hosting something like this :) Also, your niece is super adorable! Happy Birthday to her!

  4. Ooohh CG is too cute! So fun that you were able to join your dad for a little Disney fun. Can't wait to hear more abou the trip!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  5. CG looks SO old in that first picture!! And adorable, obviously. I love that you are spending fun time with her at Disney but also working for a great cause! Enjoy it :)

  6. How exciting! My siblings just had their 1st trip to Disney and LOVED it. Can't wait to see more pictures! And your relationship with CG is simply adorable, she's one lucky gal to have an aunt like you!

  7. Jamie, your niece is so precious! Also, it's so neat to find out that you work in that industry! I have had diabetes for 12 years, and people like you and your dad certainly make it easier. I'm so glad to hear that Disney hosts this event for children with diabetes. How precious! Thank you sweet girl! And congrats on your wedding!

  8. Your niece is ABSOLUTELY adorable! Oh my word your brother is going to have his hands full keeping the boys away from her when she's older...way down the road. What a wonderful cause you're there for! I never knew Disney hosted something like this. Have a great time at Disney!

  9. She is seriously the cutest kid! I'm sure you enjoy EVERY.SINGLE. minute with her!

  10. How cute!

    And such a neat event! Love that Disney gets involved in things like that- I have a few friends with type 1 diabetes and it's one of the reasons why I've been working on becoming a diabetes nurse educator! Definitely a disease that is becoming more prominent and more well known as it should be!

    Have fun here in Florida! :)