Friday, July 26, 2013

Friends + Family {& a giveaway!}

Notice something new around here?! That would be my brand new blog design by the fabulous Tricia of Tricia Nae Designs. Tricia and I have been working together for quite some time now to come up with the perfect new design. I am so pleased with how it turned out!! If you love my new design as much as I do then you're in luck!! Check back next week to see how you can get your very own blog makeover :)

After Adam and I had our time together it was time to take pictures with our wedding party & family. This might have been my favorite part of the day {other than saying "I do", obviously!}
We had such a fun group & had the best time together.
Most everybody knew each other so that made it a lot more fun.
I remember while we were out there just thinking how this would probably be the only time in my entire life that my whole family and all of my best friends would be in the same place--such a cool moment to me. 

I really like how our colors turned out. The light colors against the green of the trees is just so pretty to me! 

This picture of the boys CRACKS me up!! The whole "no smile" thing is just hilarious to me. I don't know why.

Adam's best man, Andy! Andy is getting married in March and I am so excited about it!!

Nick, one of Adam's high school/college friends

Thomas, Adam's college roommate & co-worker

My brother, Brett

Jarrod {A.K.A. J-Bob}, Adam's college roommate

Anthony, another one of Adam's high school/college friends

Nate, yet another high school/college friend

Clayton, one of Adam's college friends who is married to Adam's best girl friend from high school

Our amazing maid of honor and best man!

This is Lindsey.. we've been friends since 6th grade

This is Phoebe, we have been friends since FIRST grade. We cheered together 1st-12th grade, lived together for a year in college, and graduated from the education program together.

McKinley, my college roommate! She is getting married in November : )

Roomies! We had a picture exactly like this at Katie's (on the right) wedding last summer and are going to take one in November at McKinley's wedding : ) I think it is so much fun that we have all been in each other's weddings. 

Katie, another college roommate!

My maid of honor, best friend, soul mate, Jessica! We met our first day of college in our first class ever. She said she knew she wanted to be friends with me because I always wore cheerleading shirts ;) 

This is my cousin Melanie, she just got back from living in Spain for two years and working as a teacher!

My cousins, Melanie & Lindsey!

My cousin Lindsey, who is the mommy of the two adorable twin flower girls!

With my family & all my grandparents

My paternal grandparents

My first set of Maternal grandparents (mom's mom and step-dad)

My second set of Maternal grandparents (mom's dad and step-mom)

Adam's parents

How freaking cute are my parents?!

and of course this girl is included in the family pics ; )

All my cousins on my dad's side.. that's right 7 boys and ME.. spoiled would be an understatement ;)

My dad and his sisters

My sweet brother : )

Our pastor

After all our wedding party and family pictures it was time to relax and wait for the ceremony. You better believe I found a comfy spot to sit and popped open a Diet Coke ; )

Sneak peek of the ceremony:



  1. Love the picture of you and your boy cousins! And the blog design :)

  2. Your family is so sweet! Those flower girls are just precious!

  3. Gorgeous wedding photos! You made a beautiful bride!

  4. Loooooooooove. Like, everything. The blog design, the pictures, YOU. Too much goodness!!!

  5. Your design is you to a T !!!!! I love you and all these gorgeous pictures. Being your MOH was a pleasure and a day that I will never forget. Xoxo!!

  6. I love the gray suits with the pink bridesmaid dresses! Different from the traditional black. Beautiful family pictures! :)

  7. I love your new design and EVERY photo! Your Monogram signature is my favorite!

  8. I adore your new design! I just got a new blog design too- always fun to have a change! :-)

    And these are all such beautiful pictures! Looks like you and Adam had the time of your lives with all of your family and friends!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  9. Wow! All boy cousins...that's crazy! On my dad's side there are 5 boys and 5 girls, so plenty of guys to carry on the Larson name and plenty of girls to someday get new ones! Haha!

    By the way, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom killed it! Both of them had gorgeous dresses! And of course everyone else looks great too! Beautiful pictures, Jamie!

  10. These photos are so beautiful! Your bridal look was so classy and everything turned out beautifully! Can't wait to see more! XO

  11. Love the new blog design! I have been looking for someone to do mine and I might have to use her. Love the wedding pictures too :)

  12. Too cute~ and I know I've said this before but your niece is too cute! Love yall's colors against the green!

  13. I'm loving all of these wedding posts! I used Tricia for my blog design and she was the best to work with! Love the new look. :)