Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Last night my BFF, Jessica, and I went to our local favorite, Ted's Most Best for dinner! 
I could eat at Ted's every day. They have the best pizza & the atmosphere is even better. 
We split a large cheese pizza & then came back to my house to drink some Abita Strawberry (cheap, much?!) It was the perfect night out with my best girl.

Speaking of Jessica, she recently started a new blog! She has been blogging for a while, but over the last couple of months she has noticed a lot of spam comments/emails. She tried to fix the problem, but ultimately decided to just start over. So go follow her new blog, Shine!! You won't be dissapointed. You can also follow her on Instagram @jessbmartin : )



  1. I am going to Ted's tonight!!! Love that place! We HAVE got to finally meet each other :) I feel like your stalker bc we go to all the same places but never at the same time haha! So Mrs. Leaky email me and lets make a date!

  2. Sounds like a good night to me! Love nights with best friends like that!