Monday, July 1, 2013

wedding advice from a semi-pro

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 This is my main squeeze!

I have been reading Jamie’s darling blog for about a year now and can’t get enough! (seriously though, when she doesn’t put up a new post my day just doesn’t seem right). I am so excited for her to be jumping into this new season of life, cause boy is it fun! When she said she needed some blog ladies to post while she was gettin’ hitched I just knew I HAD to do it!

I read countless blogs and so many of those blogs are written by young women who are preparing to get married! My husband and I have been married for over a year now and as I look back on our wedding day I see some things I want other gals to know.

So here is a little advice from a semi-pro ;)

Your Wedding Day Is About You and Your Man
So many couples getting married make their wedding about making their guests happy and doing what they think others want. Yes, you do want your closest friends and family to have a good time but more importantly it is the bride and groom’s day! The Hubs and I were on a pretty tight budget with our wedding and began planning our wedding to make all our guests happy. This meant giving them all the bells and whistles. However, that cost way too much and would have forced us to cut back on things we really wanted for ourselves. I finally realized that it was our day and we should have it our way! After we quit trying to please everyone and just made sure all that we wanted was involved, things went much more smoothly!

Video Your Wedding!
Can’t stress this one enough! When we were getting all the details planned I got an offer to have our wedding filmed for only 40 bucks. I said no because I didn’t think we would really need it all filmed and I just didn’t want to part with the money. Well, that little decision ended up being my biggest wedding regret. The day goes by so fast, literally like the snap of your fingers. I don’t remember what our pastor said during the message, or exactly how our music sounded. So sad. While I do have gorgeous pictures that I love, I really wish I had spent the extra 40 to get it filmed.

Expect Something To Go Wrong
I know, I know... “why in the world would she say that, that is terrible advice.” Truth is, there is so much involved in a wedding it would be almost impossible if nothing went wrong. I am not telling you to prepare for terrible things to happen. But by knowing that there might be a little snafu or two you can be a little more prepared. To make you all feel better, the only oops at our wedding was that our caterer forgot to bring urns for the sweet tea and we had to use ugly jugs. See, no big deal and my family just stepped in and started pouring tea for people. I didn’t even notice the mistake until the end of the night. Things happen but if at the end of the day you end up married to the love of your life, everything went perfect!

Be A Guest At Your Own Wedding
A wedding is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life and you and your man should have fun! You can’t have much fun if you are busy running around doing last minute things and hosting. Let people help, and don’t feel rude asking for help. Chances are, friends and family would love to help make your day go perfectly. So just sit back, relax and get hitched! Enjoy it, soak in every moment, thank God for the amazing man he placed in your life and kiss your new husband more times than you can count!

Cheers to smooth weddings and happy endings!


P.s. Marriage is awesome and you can read more about it in this post!


  1. Tavia and Jamie! This helped so much. It was great reading that once you stopped trying to please others, everything went smoother and was more budget friendly. I'm planning a wedding in 9 months and at times I wonder who all this stuff is for anyway. Sometimes it is hard when people say "Just enjoy the day and remember it is just about you" because when you are inviting 100+ people, sometimes you don't feel this way. But it is true. Its about you. The guests will have fun regardless. But your day goes by so fast and if you dont enjoy it, you will never get it back again...


    1. It is so true! We relaxed so much more and all of our guests still had a great time! Remember how weddings used to just be cake and punch in the next room over in the church. Now they have turned into a huge production! Not everyone can afford to do it all, so just have what you and your groom want and it will be perfect!