Friday, August 2, 2013

5 on Friday

TGIF, y'all! I am linking up for 5 on Friday today!

(1) Nicole + I are working together to create a teacher link up! We think it will be so fun for teachers to connect with each other and encourage each other as the new school year begins! We have some great ideas and can't wait to set them in motion SOON.

(2) I want every.single.thing from Red Dress Boutique. Especially these items...

[both images from here]

(3) Everyone always freaks out when I tell them I drive an hour to work everyday, but honestly I enjoy my commute. Yes, I leave at the crack of dawn, but that hour before school gives me a chance to wake up and get my mind ready for the day. And the ride home gives me a chance to debrief and relax, and by the time I'm home I am ready to get things done around the house. I just wish gas was free or that teachers got paid more ; )

(4) I have been obsessed with styling outfits lately. It's just so fun to me to get in my closet and come up with combinations of things to wear. Especially with the start of the school year it's nice to know I have a lot to choose from using minimal pieces. 

(5) I always pick my outfits out the night before, but I really think I'm going to start picking my outfits out for the entire week on Sunday night, have them all ironed and hanging in a certain section of my closet so there is absolutely no guess work in the mornings. Kind of like weekly meal planning, but with clothes ; )

I hope your week has been perfect! Does anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend??


  1. Last semester I interned at an office an hour away and even though getting up at 5am wasn't fun I def enjoyed the extra hour to wake up and enjoy the sunrise!

  2. I love my hour-ish commuet too! I just wish it was more moving and less sitting in traffic!! I listen to podcast and books on tape, it is the best way to start my morning and then decompress and regroup after work! Do you? Id love reccomendations, I am slowly running out! I also plan/set all my outfits on Sunday! I get up so early that if it wasnt already ready to go I'd wear the same thing and look pathetic each day!

  3. A Teacher link up would be so fun! I start in 4 weeks and have so much to do still. Planning outfits is great, I also do it I love sleeping just a little bit longer.

  4. I love the teacher link up idea!

    Yes! We need more $$$...

  5. I started to do the same thing with planning out my outfits for the week. It's pretty fun! ;)

  6. I love Red Dress Boutique!! I want every single item! Also, lOVE your new blog design, girl!

  7. I get all of my outfits ready on Sunday night, and it has made a WORLD of difference in my morning routine. I do everything, the outfit plus jewelry, clothes, shoes and socks. It has saved me so much rushing and anxiety in the morning!