Wednesday, August 14, 2013

mid-week randoms

happy hump day, y'all! I am linking up again this week for mid-week randoms.

(1) this is my first full week with the kiddos. still hard for me to believe that I am the teacher and that I am responsible for so many kids (31 to be exact!)

(2) so far this school year I have only majorly messed up once. on the 2nd day of school my entire class *almost* missed their busses in the afternoon. last year the busses were called over the intercom, but this year they are displayed on our screens. since I was used to the way things were last year it completely slipped my mind to turn on my screen. The kids were having a great time singing and dancing around while we waited for busses to be called. after a while the teacher next door walked in and told me that busses had already been called and EVERY student was already outside. I frantically got my class to quiet down and then sent them SPRINTING down the hallway. THANK-GOODNESS they got the busses stopped in time for my kids to get on... but dang I was embarrassed!! all the teachers made me feel better by telling me stories of times their kids ACTUALLY missed the bus so that made me feel a little better. the next morning I apologized to them for not getting them on the busses in time and they all told me how FUN it was... sheesh!! ha!

(3) I am heading to charlotte, nc this weekend with one of my college roommates to see our other college roommate!! it is so hard not living with/near them so I am really excited for a fun weekend together!

(4) only 3 weeks until the first uga game (@ clemson!) I am so excited for fall, football, & cooler weather!!!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!! we're SO close to the weekend!! 


  1. i have always been told that the first year of teaching is the one where you mess up a lot and learn from your mistakes. it's kind of like you're blind going into it try to find the best way even though you had all the experience from student teaching/observations! i am sure you're doing an awesome job teaching! i probably would've done the same thing if i was in your shoes. and god bless you--- 31 third graders! i have my hands full with 20something 12-14 year olds 6 times a day!

  2. Yay for UGA/Clemson! We are so excited to have you Bulldogs in town for what should be an awesome first weekend!

  3. I giggled at your bus story! Too cute that they thought it was fun! Also- I totally feel you on the missing your college girlfriend thing! It is so hard not to live near them! It makes those little weekend trips so sweet!
    xoxo, Madi

  4. Eeeeeek I am in love with your monagram! It looks SO good!

  5. I honestly can't believe you have 31 students! That is crazy, but that just means more lives you can change. And your bus story? Totally made me laugh! Hope this week has treated you well!

  6. I am not a teacher, but I enjoy reading about all the adventures in classroom decor and educating! Have fun in Charlotte this weekend! North Carolina is my home state and I always love visiting Charlotte!

  7. Haha one of my students got on the wrong bus when I was student teaching. It was pretty stressful when the mom called and asked me where her child was! You have 31 students?! Wow. Props to you. And I am so sad I'm missing an entire season of football! Can't wait to see pictures from Athens. And Clemson! Games are so fun there.