Monday, September 30, 2013

Awaken the Nation

Saturday was one for the record books, y'all! We started our tailgate bright and early and enjoyed a day with family and friends. The anticipation for the game was KILLING me so I was a happy girl when it was finally time to walk to Sanford. 

The passion and excitement that was in that stadium was unlike anything I have ever experienced (and that says a lot considering how many games I've been to!) The game was one of the best I have ever seen. Both teams played their hearts out and it could have easily gone either way. Thankfully we pulled out a W and it was oh so sweet!!

And at the heart of this team is a man that I admire SO much. I am extremely thankful that my husband gets to work under such a top-notch leader. It doesn't matter if you are an Alabama fan, a Tennessee fan, an LSU fan, or not even a fan of football.. you are fan of Mark Richt because he is such a class act. His devotion to this team and this community is unbelievable. I am so blessed to be a part of the Bulldawg Nation!!

Go Dawgs!!


  1. As an Alabama fan I completely agree with you about Coach Richt- doesn't matter who you root for he is a class act! Congrats on the great win for the Dawgs Saturday! It was an awesome game to watch!

  2. This was such an amazing game to watch! I was on the edge of seat watching at home and can't imagine how awesome it was to see in person!! Thanks for posting your pictures! Go Dawgs!

  3. Go Dawgs!
    What an awesome game!
    Nobody compares to Richt, for sure!

  4. Man I love that guy. Such a class act! Being abroad right now is tough...I'm missing so many good games!