Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday

TGIF, y'all! We've made it through another week! This week was one for the record books for me. I had parent/teacher conferences everyday before/after school. I had a 7:00am conference every morning except Thursday and stayed until 5 or 6 everyday. Needless to say I am one tired teacher!! 

I'm linking up for Five on Friday!

1) THIS video. Oh my gosh. I just can't even explain the obsession that this city has with football. It's a magical thing. & since my hubs works for the team it really is our passion. I love everything about football season. And this video is genius.

2) Last week I was being a whiny baby (WHO ME?!) about not having "any clothes" so Adam said "I'll go get you some after church" I laughed because clearly he was joking. Well..turns out he wasn't. That sweet boy went shopping after church while I was at a wedding shower and bought me a bunch of outfits. He did pretty good, too! I had to take a few things back but overall I loved everything he got me! (plus with the stuff I returned I was able to get even more!) What a sweet hubby!! Best part of the story.. when he was shopping he told all the ladies working that he had a bet with his wife because he didn't want them to think he was weird for shopping in the girls section ha!! ; )

3) Ever since school started I have been having a really hard time finding a good balance between work and home life. For the first few weeks I was all about work and I really neglected the house, my husband, and my friends and family. Then when I realized I was doing that I started leaving at 3:15 everyday and not getting done the things that needed to be done at school. So now I am trying to get back on track and find a healthy balance between the two. Obviously my husband and family are my number one priorities, but work is important too and I want to give 100% when I am there. It's a tough adjustment, but I just keep telling myself "it won't be like this for long." Eventually I will get a job teaching closer to home, I will have a routine, and I will know how to teach effectively. All in due time I suppose. 

4) In an effort to slow down and try to really enjoy life I took a bubble bath last night, lit my favorite candle, turned on the Ben Rector Spotify station, and read a few pages of my new book. It was a great way to unwind from the day and spend sometime pampering myself. I loved every single second of it and plan to make it a permanent part of my night time routine. 

5) Our house is really starting to come together. Adam is on a kick right now of finding something for somewhere in our house that is super original. It's hilarious. He is always coming up with some crazy, unrealistic idea. I really love that he wants this to be a place where people want to be. We both love to host people and serve in our home. I am excited about all the progress we have made and all the plans we have for future purchases. Right now we have two black and white wedding picture canvases being made to hang above our couch. Once those are delivered I will probably do an updated "in progress house tour" : )

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We have tons of family coming in town for the big game this weekend : )


  1. I'm also a teacher & so understand the feeling of a lack of balance. What I'm doing this year to bring some balance is setting a time to leave by everyday (5pm for me) and pick one day to stay late. Sometimes I leave earlier than 5, just depends on the day! I also try not to bring a lot of work home - I'd rather stay a little later and not have work to do at home. And yes, bubble baths are an amazing way to get some "you" time in at the end of the day!

  2. So cute about Adam buying you clothes!! Hopefully my future husband will do the same! ;-) Haha. And I feel you about finding a balance between work and personal life! It has been hard for me so far this semester to find a balance between my schoolwork and social events... but I'm getting there. It's just been an adjustment since I'm a transfer student and classes at my new school are more difficult. But I hope that life will settle down soon for me, and I hope so for you too! A bubble bath sounds DIVINE and I miss taking baths so much when I'm here at college!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  3. Balancing work and a personal life is always so difficult and definitely something I need to work on as well! I work in a children's hospital and know it can be so hard to get it all done! That is SO sweet of your hubby, such a nice gesture to help you out and us girls never seem to have any clothes! Hope yall have a great weekend!

  4. How stinkin' adorable is it that Adam bought you new clothes! I LOVE that! What a gracious heart! I'm excited to see a home tour...I totally wish I could tour everyone's home! haha I just love seeing everyone's personal style.

  5. I love that Adam went out and bought you clothes!! So sweet! You need to share some of the things he bought you. And I am very much looking forward to seeing your home tour when you do it. :)

  6. What a sweet man to go shopping for you! We have an unspoken (although mostly spoken) rule that we can just tell each other what we want rather than surprises. Enjoy the surprises!!!

  7. Please teach me your secrets to get your man to go shopping for you! That is beyond precious, he's such a good hubby! :) Can't wait to see more of your home!