Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm Back + Weekend Recap!

After a week long break from blogging I am back! In the process of our move somehow my computer charger was misplaced (pretty sure it got thrown away..ahh!) I wanted to wait a few days to see if it turned up before I forked over $80 for a new one. Luckily I had a charger for my old MacBook and was able to buy a $10 adaptor to make it work for my MacBook Air! Not having my computer for a whole week was HARD so I was happy to be able to turn it on today for the first time in 6 days!

We spent the majority of the week moving and getting settled into our new home. I am happy to say we have made great progress so far! I already feel 100% better in this house then I ever did in our old is really OUR home : )

I will probably do another house tour in the next few weeks to show y'all how everything looks now that there is stuff in the house. 

This past weekend was full of LOVE! On Saturday Adam's college roommate, Thomas, proposed to his girlfriend Kelly! Adam helped Thomas get everything prepared and we were able to be there when he proposed. Thomas and Kelly were the ones to take pictures when Adam and I got engaged so it was fun to be able to do it for them this time around!

Thomas made the sweetest slideshow and had it played on the big screen after the proposal!

Later that night Adam and I went to Atlanta for my good friend Alexa's wedding. This was our first wedding as a married couple : ) We loved getting to spend the evening with each other and some of our best friends, Katie and Trey!

We had way too much fun in the photo booth!

Today (Sunday) we have been busy doing laundry + shopping for house stuff. 

Oh and THIS happened.......... I know, I can't believe it either. 

My students talked me into keeping her.....sooo I'm giving it a shot. This is literally the first cat I have touched/held in at least 10 years. We shall see how this goes..

I have a busy week ahead with my students having standardized testing Monday-Wednesday and preparing for conferences next week, but I hope to get a few posts in this week : )

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!


  1. Awwww (to the cat picture!) When you first wrote about that kitty I had a feeling that you were going to follow in love with her. :-) She is beautiful!

    And looks like you had wonderful weekend plans as well! Weddings are so much fun.

    xoxo Miss ALK

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  3. Love this little update! I'm so truly excited to see what you do with your house. I also laughed out loud about the cat! The tour video with her was hilarious. This post was also great affirmation to me that I'm not the only one who is a fall candle freak. It really is an addiction! XO

  4. Love that you decided to keep the cat, you will fall in love with her in no time! Any names picked out for her yet?

  5. I admire you for deciding to keep the cat. I am SO not a cat person...I could never do it!!

    Can't wait to see how you decorate the rest of your home. :)

  6. I'm new to your beautiful blog and I'm absolutely loving it! Welcome back after your blogging break - can't wait to carry on reading some more posts :) x

  7. Love me a good proposal/wedding weekend!!!! Also there is NOTHING more frustrating than computer power issues! Glad you are back !

  8. Love me a good proposal/wedding weekend!!!! Also there is NOTHING more frustrating than computer power issues! Glad you are back !

  9. What a busy weekend! Love those fall candles, I picked up some myself this weekend! LOVE B&BW candles, and I'm looking forward to a home tour. Best of luck with the cat ;)

  10. I'm so glad you decided to keep the cat, she seems to be really sweet! How sweet of you to help with the proposal, it looks like a wonderful moment- I love the slideshow!

  11. I can't wait to see your sweet, decorated home! I know it is just perfect!!