Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday

TGIF. y'all! We made it through yet another week! I am linking up for Five on Friday today : )

(1) This is an especially happy Friday because, like I mentioned earlier in the week, we are headed to Nashville this weekend! I have never been to Nashville before so I am super excited!

(2) I am loving all the fall weather we have had lately. It makes recess a lot more bearable (and my kiddos are happy that their teacher is letting them stay out longer!) This has been one of my favorite "fall" outfits as of late. 

[Top: Old Navy // Jeans: Old Navy // Shoes: Tory Burch // Bag: Louis Vuitton]

(3) I have been OBSESSED with this Sally Hansen nail polish recently. Since I'm not completely ready to commit to fall nail colors this has been a great transition color.The color is called 817-Gold Roses

(4) Ever since I picked up the Lorac PRO Pallete at Ulta last week I cannot get enough of it! It has quickly become my go-to pallet. It has every color you could need to create the perfect neutral eye. I love that you can create multiple looks, but still have a soft + neutral feel.

(5) I have finally found some time to finish watching Gossip Girl! Thankfully Season 6 is on Netflix now!! I just finished the series the other night and I am SO sad it's over : ( 
I am always way behind on T.V. series' because I never have time to watch t.v., but love catching them on Netflix and watching episode after episode for hours on end (when I find myself with spare time)! Do y'all have any suggestions for my next show? Let me know in the comments what your favorite show on Netflix is!

Have a happy + safe weekend!!


  1. I'll be in Nashville this weekend too!! You are going to love it! SO many things to do and see :) For Netflix, One Tree Hill, if you haven't watched it or the show Nashville!

  2. I want to be in Nashville this weekend! I was supposed to go but I ended up not planning it in time. :( Have so much fun - you will LOVE it!

  3. I just got hooked on Scandal! I absolutely love it!!

  4. I have always used Essie or OPI nail polish because that's what they have in most salons, but I received some Sally Hansen as a gift and I actually think it's better quality! And I picked up their top coat when it was on sale and it is amazing... my manicure looks perfect for a full week! I'm definitely converting to a Sally girl now :)

  5. Scandal is such a good show! An it's only in the third season, so not to much to catch up on.

  6. One Tree Hill or Friday Night Lights. My all-time favorites! I hope your weekend in Nashville wasn't ruined by the game. Such a sad loss!

  7. I love those Torys! and... I love your cute outfit! Nashville in in my future for sure!

  8. im pretty sure its fairly new bc i see it advertised on tv all the time....SCANDAL im warning you know YOU WILL BE ADDICTED! so so soooo good! :)