Tuesday, November 26, 2013

101 in 1001

Earlier today Nicole posted her new list of 101 in 1001. I read through her list and was immediately inspired to create my own. Since I'm off work for Thanksgiving break I had a lot of time to really sit down and create a list that I think I can stick to. A lot of the stuff on my list was taken straight from Nicole (because let's be honest..she's awesome and way more creative then I am ha!) but a lot of them are unique to me : ) Take a look at my list and think about ways you may be able to help me cross some things off! ; )

Start: 11-26-2013
End: 08-23-2016

1. Go on a mission trip.
2. Take a meal to a family that just had a baby. 
3. Go grocery shopping for someone.
4. Lead a college freshmen community group.
5. Babysit a friend’s baby for free so they can have a date night.
6. Buy breakfast for all the teacher’s on my grade level. (Dec 2013; donuts!)
7. Help someone pull off a surprise.
8. Have my students write letters to soldiers. (Nov 2013)
9.  Host a yard sale to benefit a cause.
10. Be someone’s maid of honor.
11. Take Carolyne-Grace to the American Girl store. 
12. Provide Christmas for a family in need. (Dec 2013; Rock Springs students)
13. Complete a service project with my students.  (supplies for the nursing home)
14. Serve as the leader of a committee in my school.
15. Cook dinner for our neighbors. 
16. Send flowers to a friend.
17. Send out 101 letters snail mail style. (0/101)
18. Send a random care package to a friend.
19. Buy goods from at least 5 organizations/small businesses I believe in. (1/5)
20. Rescue a dog.
21. Invest in a friend's dream.
22. Serve the homeless on a holiday.
23. Sponsor a child.

24. Cook dinner every night for a month. 
25. Create a cleaning schedule. (Nov. 27, 2013)
26. Finish decorating our bedroom. (Feb 2014)
27. Finish decorating Adam’s “Georgia room”. (Feb 2014)
28. Have overnight guests in our home.
29. Use Annie Sloan chalk paint on something.  
30. Organize our kitchen cabinets. 
31. Host a wedding shower.
32. Host a baby shower.
33. Meal plan for the entire month. (December 2013)
34. Print and display our Instagram pictures.
35. Hang a map to pin places we've traveled.
36. Buy a new kitchen table/chairs. 

37. Make a wedding album.
38. Go on an anniversary trip.
39. Have a one year anniversary shoot.
40. Surprise Adam with lunch at work.
41. Plan a romantic dinner date for Adam. 
42. Make Adam a present for his birthday. 
43. Have a special date night once a month.
44. Celebrate our dating anniversary with dinner at Porterhouse. 
45. Recreate our engagement day/night. 
46. Have dinner at our rehearsal dinner venue.

[*Future* Baby L]
47. Collect 100 books for Baby’s L’s library. (0/100) 
48. Tell Adam he’s going to be a daddy! (March 25th)
49. Tell our family/friends were expecting.
50. Announce our pregnancy on social media.   
51. Have Nicole film our birth.
52. Choose God parents.
53. Start a college fund. 

[Life with the Leakeys]
54.  Go to some kind of a blog conference.
55.  Make a book of my favorite blog posts.
56.  Surprise a blog friend for a visit.
57. Make blog business cards. 
58. Record a vlog.
59. Work with a blog friend on a project I believe in.
60. Do an update once a month on all my completed tasks.
61. Blog everyday for a month.
62. Write a blog post that goes viral.
63. Raise money on my blog for a cause.
64. Guest post for a blogger.

66. Graduate with my Master’s degree
67. Start my Specialist’s degree
68. Learn how to monogram.
69. Put together a book of 100 verses/quotes. (0/100)
70. Make lesson plans for Teachers Pay Teachers.
71. Be a teacher in my dream school district. 
72. Run the Peachtree Road Race with my dad. 
73.Have people come into my classroom to watch me teach. (Dec 2013)
74.Organize my classroom library.
75. Be social media free for an entire day. (Dec 2013)
76.Be social media free for an entire weekend.
77. Be social media free for an entire week.

78. Visit 5 new cities. (1/5)
79. Get another tattoo.
80. See NYC at Christmas.
81. Walk to dinner from our house.
82. Walk through campus with Adam.
83. Spend a week at the beach.
84. Go to another country. 
85. Mow the grass.
86. Go to Mardi Gras.
87. Take a cooking lesson.
88. Go to the mountains and stay in a cabin.
89. Take the dogs to a dog park. 
90. Ride on a train.
91. Go on a vacation with my whole family. 
92. Go to a NFL game.
93. Visit every SEC football stadium (1/12)
94. Go to Disney World. (June 2014)
95. Go on a trip with friends. (Amelia Island/Jacksonville with Andy + Ashley; Dec 2013)
96. Have a “staycation” in Atlanta.
97. Take a random road trip. 
98. Have dessert before dinner at a restaurant. 
99. Make a day in the life video. 
100. Have a picnic on North Campus. 
101. Speak in front of a crowd of 100+ people.

I will update my list any time I complete something from it so stay tuned : ) Also, I will be using the hash tag #101in1001ssblog to keep track of all my completed tasks on Instagram!

Have you made a list of 101 things in 1001 days? If not, you really should!


  1. love this idea!! i think some of them are so great. you've inspired me to do my own! :)

  2. LOVE it! I read Nicole's this morning and now I am fixing to make out mine!! Such a fun list of sooo many exciting things.

  3. You've got quite the list! Love it! Can't wait to cheer you on during this process. :)

  4. Since you stole some of my ideas I'm going to steal your hashtag idea. ;) haha! Love it all so much!!!

  5. My 1001 days were up last December. I did about 75 of them, I think.

  6. Such a great idea! Loves reading yours!


  7. I can help with #93 when the time comes and you head to Texas to visit Kyle Field! :) Love that you made this list! XO

  8. Love this list!!!! I need to make one! I'm hosting a fabulous new giveaway for $100 to Country Outfitter and the chance to win a free pair of Ariat cowboy boots for every month of 2014!!!! Come check it out! http://blondeepisodes.com/2013/11/omg-its-a-cowboy-boot-giveaway-win-up-to-one-pair-of-boots-for-a-year.html


  9. Such a great ice and I loved reading your list! An exciting time ahead and can't wait to follow your progress.
    I won't lie, 101 ticks on a checklist is quite daunting for me…

  10. wow what a list! I'm inspired but like Caley said above, it's a bit daunting to me... I love your list!

  11. Love this! I especially love how organized it is. Thanks for being inspiring! :)

  12. Thank you for this list & the inspiration to create my own! I just finished mine :)