Friday, November 8, 2013

five on friday

happy friday, y'al!
weeks seriously fly by for me.. when you're in charge of 25 eight and nine year olds everything is just one big blur. thank god. 
i'm linking up for five on friday again this week!

1) i know i've talked about this 5 million times but i really.really.REALLY. loved the james study on she reads truth. i was really sad for it to end. if you haven't done it you NEED to. it was too good.

2) no spend november hasnt been as hard as i anticipated.. until i had to go to the mall yesterday to get a present. ugh. i don't want to have the desire for stuff. but i do and this month is certainly necessary to show myself that i dont NEED any of the "things" i think i do. this isn't about being legalistic and spending absolutely no money.. it's about proving to myself that i can go to a store and purchase EXACTLY what i walked in to get and not 65 other things. it's about using my money to bless others instead of myself. it's about getting my heart right.

3) i am heading out right after school today to go to charlotte, nc for the weekend! one of my college roommates lives there now and we are all going up for the weekend for her bachelorette party! so so so excited! just wish bre would be home so i could see her--too bad we're switching states for the weekend and she'll be in atlanta! 

4) if you havent joined in the #joyfilledhomechallenge on instagram hosted by my bff nicole + michaela you need to asap. i have already found so much joy in my home by doing this challenge. it has taught me to find joy in the unfinished, in the "not exactly how i want it". it has helped me see how wonderfully blessed i am.

5) i am loving this saying. sometimes i get so caught up in making sure my students are on top of their game and completing all their work and being quiet and following directions that i forget they are just kids. i've put a lot of effort this week into just letting them be little. sometimes you just need a movie and games and free time and extra recess.

and since i'm a rule breaker i'm throwing in a number 6...
i saw this article yesterday and thought it was pretty spot on. take a second to read it. there are so many good points made. i always think this about things like human trafficking.. it's a bad thing and i know there are people who have truly devoted their lives to seeing it end and i don't want to discount that. but. there are others who are only interested because it's the "cool" thing to support right now. i want everything i say and do to be because i want to be closer to jesus not just so i look and act and sound like everyone else i go to church with. 

happy weekend, friends!


  1. Love the Let Them Be Little quote!! It is so easy to forget that they are still KIDS and, as teachers, we can't expect them to be like robots and have perfect behavior all the time! It's necessary to step back sometimes and just appreciate the simplicity about them! Great reminder! Enjoy your Friday!


  2. I love your outfits in the pictures! It sounds like it will be a fun weekend!

  3. that quote needs to be printed and in my classroom! I need to remember that DAILY!

  4. I recently came across your blog through the instagram #joyfilledhomechallenge! Your home is adorable! & I too am a teacher. I teach third grade in the state of NC. We have a new law this year in which students who don't pass the end of grade test are required to be held back. It's a huge deal and with it comes alot of responsibility on our kids. Like you I think we're forgetting that they're just little babies and not adults. Kids now are expected to grow up too fast! It's sad that they can't be kids anymore :(

  5. Hope you had a great visit to Charlotte! I love the Let Them Be Little quote. So sweet!