Thursday, December 19, 2013

i'm back // i always wanted this so much

well.. I just took a 2 week blogging break and barely even noticed. To say I've been busy over the last half month would be a huge understatement. The three weeks between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break have officially been deemed the worst months for a teacher..ever. I have been busier than I think I've ever been. I feel so run down and stretched thin. Thankfully the end is in sight.. 2 more days.. and then I can relax to my hearts content. 

Honestly I don't even feel like recapping what has happened since I last blogged. Hopefully you follow me on Instagram and Twitter (jamielb_) and have been able to keep up ; ) 

I've got some fun posts planned for the next few weeks so I'm excited to get back into the groove of blogging regularly : ) 

Until then here is the most amazing video I think I've ever seen. Obviously I'm biased because she's my niece, but I'm pretty sure she's the cutest thing in the entire world. 


  1. She kills me! "Okay, let's open this!" That is the sweetest thing ever! I CANNOT WAIT FOR SADIE TO GET HERE!!!! Blogging breaks are awesome, I've had to literally FORCE myself to blog lately because I'm so exhausted when I get home. Hallelujah for Christmas break! :)

  2. I can't even handle your precious niece.. she is the cutest little thing!

  3. That is cutest thing ever, "I always wanted this!!"

  4. This is the sweetest video ever! We all should have this reaction on Christmas morning opening gifts that people have thoughtfully picked out for us! I just love this!!!

  5. This was the most precious thing I have seen in a while when I saw it on IG! Definitely brightened my day! :)