Friday, December 20, 2013

mr. leakey is famous

it is finally here, y'all. my LAST day before christmas break. of course this morning I woke up and immediately knew I was sick. hopefully the water I drank and the medicine I took kick in soon because it's going to be a long day if not. the last day before a break is pretty much a wash. the kids are done. i'm done. we're all tired and just want to be done. today's agenda includes watching the nutcracker, cleaning out their desks, sanitizing my entire room and making sure everything is ready for grades to go home. 

yesterday my class had a very special leakey!! he came for our class party and brought all the kids their own recruiting name tags : ) they loved it and thought he was famous. they all asked for his was precious. 

we ended the day with our class party and extra recess. i was completely warn out by the end of the day!!!

third graders are SO MUCH STINKING FUN and I love that I have a job that I love so much. these kiddos bless me everyday. couldn't imagine doing anything else. 


  1. I saw the picture you posted on Instagram yesterday and thought that was just the sweetest thing!! Enjoy your Christmas break!!

  2. How fun! I know you are a great teacher!